Just randomly thinking about Wano Final Arc

2021.09.25 06:20 OGChvpo Just randomly thinking about Wano Final Arc

Awish Jozu would have showed up his character and devil fruit was nice
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2021.09.25 06:20 Rainbow_vespa Allies to the north

We could use Iceland as a staging ground. Countries have been doing it for decades, and as a bonus most Icelanders hate Denmark, too, so some could prove to be allies. They also don't have their own army. Actually, please invade Iceland instead, we need a lot of help. Also, the transition would probably be a lot less violent, they wouldn't see it coming, and most probably won't fight back until they see what we do and what we change if they decide they like it.
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2021.09.25 06:20 UnderstandingOk9158 what does the onset of a thyroid storm feel like? idk. i can't tell if i'm just having anxiety, a bit of a flare up, or if it's serious.

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2021.09.25 06:20 emmyjoe1208 Middle School Pull-Out Advice

Middle school and high school SLPs- which classes do you tend to pull kids from most? I’m having a hard time determining which will have the least adverse effect on the students. Every class seems important! Any advice?
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2021.09.25 06:20 RageCage S.T.A.L.K.E.R Character Faces Through The Face Generator e4e + StyleCLIPglobal

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2021.09.25 06:20 Nice_Gear_5780 Honest question: I thought we had invincibility while loading in zones?

I'm playing HC and fought Duriel. Went into the chamber, loaded about 6 seconds or so, and the screen opens to Duriel directly on top of me with my health at half and dropping fast. What gives?? Thank god I had good block and life. If I was a sorc I would've certainly died and been pissed. I did a quick search and found other people are having the same problem.
But now I feel like I can't play a sorc or any fun glass cannon/gimmick build unless this is addressed. This was also in single player.
I'm not near the game now, but can anyone test if switching to legacy graphics before entering the chamber will prevent the freeze?
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2021.09.25 06:20 Killuminati_77 Can someone please tell me where the arcane sanctuary is I need to find horazons sanctuary and no Google search helps me

I need help finding this location please help
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2021.09.25 06:20 charlotte028 Looking for Manager 🙏

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2021.09.25 06:19 hanibitsu I (26F) came out recently, and my best friend (26F) did not respond well

I (26F) recently have come to terms with my sexuality and came out as bisexual on social media a month or two ago. I grew up in an extremely agonizingly religious environment, so I have been breaking free of that and this felt like a huge accomplishment to me.
My husband (24M) was so incredibly encouraging and supportive and the only one who knew before I posted.
I got very kind responses from so many people, and was so grateful; I’ve honestly never felt so free in my life. But what was missing was a response from my best friend (26F) of 14+ years.
She is a pastor’s kid and a pretty hardcore Christian. So was I before my ideas started changing before I got married and moved out. So I knew she probably wouldn’t agree with my bisexuality.
I waited and waited for her response… but got none. Then I suddenly received a text that she had left to move back to Georgia (she went to school down there before covid, had to come back up to stay with her parents during the worst of it, and was planning to move back down). This hurt me, because I felt like she might be purposely avoiding me, but I chalked it up to her being very busy, because she usually is.
Out of the blue, I get a handwritten letter in the mail from her. She’s never done anything like this before. I’ve sent her snail mail before in the past, but she’s never sent any to me.
I open it and she acknowledged my coming out post (which, I honestly started to believe that she didn’t see) and wrote several Bible verses about me not feeling self-hatred. She didn’t say she supported my decision, which I expected; she basically beat around the bush to say that “I don’t agree, but don’t hate yourself, and God loves you”.
Of course, this letter really bothered me. I texted her and said I felt the letter was not needed and how I felt about the possible avoidance. I also added that if I was misunderstanding anything, to please let me know.
She texted me back later, asking to talk. I picked up the phone and she was SOBBING. She said that she was crying over my text for two hours.
The conversation between us was strange. I had to calm her down when I was the one who felt like crying. She said that she “wasn’t avoiding me” but she also “didn’t know what to say to me and how to say it”. Isn’t that avoidance? She then said that when she saw my post, she felt like she “didn’t know me”. I’m… supposedly your best friend of 14 years; how could you not know me after finding out that I’m just not straight?
She talked about how hard the conversation between us was for her as we neared the end of our talk. I had to explain why the letter was not needed and some of my trauma within the church, asking her not to throw Bible verses at me. To her credit, she did apologize and said she regrets sending the letter.
She hasn’t really talked to me since. It doesn’t surprise me. I’m usually the initiator. She does keep sending me TikToks though.
Of course, my husband is absolutely livid and so is my neighbor who happens to be a very good friend. They’re telling me she’s not a true friend. I can see why.
I don’t really want to talk to her right now, but… we’ve been friends for so long. I don’t know what to do. Her birthday’s coming up too. I’ve been crying over our last conversation for days now and feel so lost. Any advice?
tldr; I came out, my best friend seemingly avoided me and sent an unnecessary letter, then we had an emotional conversation that confirmed that she had a very bad reaction. I don’t know what to do.
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2021.09.25 06:19 TomTheJester Your enjoyment of Watch Dogs: Legion rests entirely on the characters you choose

I know this seems a bit self explanitory, but after falling in love with the game on my first playthrough, my second has been markedly different. I still enjoy the game a huge deal, but I'm really having trouble connecting to my characters this time around.
On my first playthrough I had an elderly hitman, Zachary Caldwell who felt completely unaware of technology and preferred things done the "old fashioned way" - with a bullet.
I had Baldwin Williams, the mourning hitman who wanted revenge on Clan Kelly for murdering all of his family (this was actually in his profile).
I had a female Clank Kelly Enforcer (her name is escaping me), that felt almost like a father-daughter dynamic with Caldwell.
Jakob the police officer, who despite appearing quite introverted, would end up in the tensest situations, and choose arresting over killing.
The point being these characters, CARRIED the plot for me. And reaching those climatic final moments felt like a grand culmination of all the time I spent with them.
In this second playthrough, it's hard finding those iconic characters, and connecting with them like I did in the first, and I can absolutely see why people had trouble with that in the story.
I cannot suggest enough how important it is to go looking for a character you really want to play as, and who you connect with their own personal biography, before proceeding with the campaign. It's the difference between the game feeling very shallow, and incredibly engaging.
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2021.09.25 06:19 NandezCarl Por favor necesito ayuda.

Alguno tiene conocimiento sobre algún grupo de apoyo para depresión o suicidio en la ciudad de Valencia?
O algún profesional? De verdad necesito ayuda.
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2021.09.25 06:19 escolanoharris Looking for manager

Hello Managers! Im looking for scholarship
• Name: Harris P. Escolano • Age: 26 • Gender: Male • Location: Mauban, Quezon • Civil Status: Single • Nationality: Filipino • Internet: wifi/data
• How many hours a day can you dedicate to playing axie: I can play 8-13 hours and reach the maximum quota everyday.
• Device to be used to play Axie Infinity: Mobile phone
• You already have experience playing axie infinity: asking my friend how he played and watching some videos on Youtube and FB for techniques
• Hobbies: Mobile Games
• Reason why we should choose you: to provide my extra needs for my family
•You can contact me on: escolanoharris@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harrison.escolano
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2021.09.25 06:19 Vainzilla Officially via Townhall and Twitter, the leftover FIRMAM3NTAL collection after the 26th at 5 PM PDT will be burnt.

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2021.09.25 06:19 HeadpattingOrchimaru Manhua similar to My Apprentice: Game over Again!

Preferably with a female MC that doesn't fall under the Villainess otome iseka troupe.
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2021.09.25 06:19 Ok_Fault933 Comfortable

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2021.09.25 06:19 Void2169 What does everyone think about needing to send an ID?

I myself don't have an ID and if I did I don't think I would send it, I am hoping we won't need to send any IDs later.
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2021.09.25 06:19 voidable- One month progress (left 95kg, right 89.2kg)

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2021.09.25 06:19 waddup16 Fusion rifles

Fusion rifles
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2021.09.25 06:19 reddit_feed_bot Breitbart: New Yorker's Glasser Labels Biden Presidency 'a Jumble of Aspirations'

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2021.09.25 06:19 NYC-UESider My worst nightmare, Lasership has my package

My 8/25 order still has delayed but I'm seeing a tracking number from Lasership. These people will steal my PS5 of this I'm sure. They have a 1 star rating for a reason. I personally have a 10% success rate with them.
Don't have a car so picking up from facility is unrealistic.
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2021.09.25 06:19 EliteAceYT Anniversary awards suggestions

Some people are hoping to change their MC's gender.So why not include one in the anniversary as a event or something. I mean if u don't want it you can just leave it and it wont effect mihoyo's sales or anything.
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2021.09.25 06:19 Auwilliam22 Field seats?

Has anyone stood in the on the field sections? How’s the food and drink options? View?
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2021.09.25 06:19 dcallejamusic Человек и закон - Когдатораньше [Post-Punk] (2021)

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2021.09.25 06:19 reddit_feed_bot Breitbart: Rudy Giuliani: 'I Don't Know' Why Fox News Banned Me -- 'They Haven't Given Me a Reason'

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2021.09.25 06:19 YearsRVA Praying for BR starts in Comp

I know that 343 has been pretty adamant that they care a lot about the upcoming competitive play, and with that, some sort of ranked mode. With the current state of the pistol being absolute garbage and the AR being extremely dominant, I am praying that the competitive starting weapon is the BR. It is by far the most consistent weapon, both by balance and with how aim assist currently works. Aside from some stuttering issues with the servers, the game plays great when its running well. Can't wait for what's to come.

And lastly, the sound effects in this game........................... fucking incredible.
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