All 34 Confirmed Ultras in Ultra Galaxy Fight : The Destined Crossroads

2021.09.25 05:54 Justyouknowwhy All 34 Confirmed Ultras in Ultra Galaxy Fight : The Destined Crossroads

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2021.09.25 05:54 OriginalStonkmen Looking at my nzxt h510 elite and what are the screws at the bottom that have like no slot like its just a whole

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2021.09.25 05:54 postmastern Вот и...

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2021.09.25 05:54 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 05:54 pewpew0352 First time buying a lightsaber, help?

Basically what it reads, I wanted to buy myself a lightsaber this year but dont really know where to start. I was looking more towards something I can practice with and can handle some drops. I've seen a few sites online but was wondering what people's experiences were and what you guys recommended.
Any info is appreciated!
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2021.09.25 05:54 analdischargeOi Toxic Narcotic - You Wrect'Em e.p.

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2021.09.25 05:54 iamgnyansai_1167 The First years... With Gojo

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2021.09.25 05:54 ManyBeans123 Aim assist might be lower than MCC but it doesnt mean its weak

I know the vast majority of players coming from MCC on controller will say its unplayable because less aim assist is obviously less fun for you guys and I understant. But lets be real… MCC was absolutely unplayable on mouse and keyboard. When they added the feature where you could see who was playing on keyboard and who was playing on controller, everyone could see it was about 85-90% controller because it was way way way stronger. Thats not what we want… We want 50-50 or at least we want something fair. Mouse and keyboard aim has always been difficult in Halo so maybe this makes things more even? What do you guys think?
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2021.09.25 05:54 DD2608 Films like Theory of Everything (2014)

Looking for something similar to theory of everything. Relatively recent, preferably. Quasi-intellectual subject matter / plot. Also feel good but somewhat dramatic.
Doesn’t hurt if it follows a true story.
Any help??
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2021.09.25 05:54 JAMARC11 New character Kokomi (CTTO) Game:Genshin Impact

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2021.09.25 05:54 CurlzDaMenace My Panther Résumé

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2021.09.25 05:54 Guyincognitoe87 Mike Rainey Patreon ep

I legit woke up my neighbors laughing to Mike’s khaki short shitting pants story. Shit and fart stories will never not be funny to me. I’m such a child
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2021.09.25 05:54 Robison69 28[M4F] US- My Birthday Is Wednesday And It Looks Like It Will Be The Worst One

As the title says my birthday is coming up. But it's not looking promising. This has probably been one of the most stressful, and just all around worst months I've ever had. And tonight, I'm drinking until I pass out, and just would like some friendly company. Let's distract eachother from the shots how that we call life just for the night. I really just need company. I dont want to be alone with my thoughts anymore.
So, about me

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2021.09.25 05:54 Austin720 W: Rare Apparel, Plan: WV State Bird, or Caps Offers H: Weapons/ Armor

Willing to do 1:1 trades for some but not all items listed below
please, instead of asking how much something is, make an offer
————————————————————————————— WEAPONS:
AA25fr15fr Gauss Rifle
AA50vhc15c Rad Rifle
AA50c25lv Combat Rifle
AA50vhc25lv AR
AA25fr25lv .44
Arist SSS Officer Sword
Arist PA/S DCG
Arist25dws25lv Walking Cane
AssE15fr Mini
AssE15fr Western
AssE90 Combat Shotgun
B50cd25v 10mm Pistol
B2515 Assaultron Head
B25fr25lv .44
B25frMS .44
BSSS Meat Hook
BSSS Revolutionary Sword
Exec25fr25 Fixer
Exec25fr90 Gauss
ExtSSS Baton
FurSSS Multi-purpose Axe
Fur50c15c Combat Rifle
Gho25fr25lv Rad Rifle
HuntSSS Walking Cane
I50vhc/per Bow
IE15fr 10mm Pistol
I50c25lv Gauss Rifle
ISSS Spear
ISSS Shishkebab
J50c15fr RWR
J25dwa25lv RWR
JSSS Spear
J25fr25lv 10mm Pistol
J25fr25lv Western
JSS25lv Sledge
J50b25lv Fixer
JE25lv 10mm Sub
J50l25lv Fixer
JEMS 10mm Pistol
J25fr25lv Combat Rifle
MutSSS Ski Sword
Mut25dwa15fr Combat Rifle
Mut25fr25lv Western
Mut25fr25lv Tesla Rifle
NocSSS Guitar
N25fr25lv AR
N50c15c Western
NSSS Ski Sword
Q25dwa25lv Gauss Rifle
Q25dwa25lv 10mm Pistol
QE 50 Cal
Q25dwaMS Broadsider
Q50l25lv Rad Rifle
Q25dwa25lv RWR
Q50b25lv 10mm Pistol
QAP15fr Pump
Q50c25lv Western
QE 50 Cal
Q50vhc15c Gamma Gun
Q25fr15c Plasma Gun
QE25lv .44
Q25fr25lv .44
Q50c15fr .44
Q50c15fr Western
QE15c Western
Q50l25lv Handmade
StalkPA/Agi Ass Blade
stalk baseball bat
stalkPA15b Bowie
stalkSS/end cultist blade
stalkSS/end Hatchet
StalkerSSS Assaultron Blade
StalkSSS Shishkebab
Stalk50l90 Grognak Axe
Stalk50l90 Power Fist
stalk power fist
stalk50l/agi sheepsquatch club
Stalk50l90 Sledge
stalk25dwa25lv Bow
stalk25fr25lv rad rifle
supE15fr Combat Shotgun
sup50l25lv Fixer
supSS25lv rolling pin
TroSS90 Fire Axe
TSE 50 Cal
TSE Combat Rifle
TS50c15c 10mm Pistol
TS50c25lv RWR
TS50c25lv Gamma Gun
Ts25fr15c Western
TS50c15c Lever
VSS/end Machete
V25dwa25lv Combat Rifle
V25frMs 10mm Pistol
VE15fr BPR
V50b25lv Fixer
V25fr15fr 10mm Pistol
V50c25lv Bow
VE15fr Lever
V25fr90 Pipe Pistol
V25fr15fr .44
V25fr15fr 10mm Pistol
VE90 Pump Shotgun
uny/int combat chest
uny/int/sweetspot light combat LL
uny/int/slowerbreak heavy Leather LA
uny/int Raider LA
uny/int FSA Chest
uny/int/slowerbreak FSA LA
uny/int combat RA
uny/int/lesslimb heavy Leather LA
uny/int Leather RL
uny/int/reducefall heavy Raider LL
uny/int/block heavy Robot LA
uny/int/slowerbreak heavy Robot LL
uny/int/cav heavy Robot LL
uny/int/lesslimb heavy Leather LL
uny/int Trapper LL
uny/int Metal RA
uny/int Raider Chest
uny/int/AWR light Raider RL
uny/int Robot RL
uny/int Leather LA
uny/int/block sturdy Combat LL
uny/int/lesslimb sturdy Leather Chest
uny/int Leather LA
uny/int/lesslimb sturdy Metal LL
uny/int Metal LL
uny/int Raider LA
uny/int/sneak sturdy Raider RA
uny/int/lockpick sturdy Raider RL
uny/int/slowerbreak sturdy Robot RA
uny/int/slowerbreak FSA but looks like USA RA
uny/int/jwr USA Chest
uny/int Wood Chest
uny/int/lesslimb Wood LL
uny/int wood RA
Ass/ap/sent Metal Left Leg
Auto/ap/cav Combat LA
Auto/ap/sent FSA LA
Cham/Ap/sent Marine RA
Cham/ap/cav Raider LA
Cloak/ap/awr FSA RA
Cloak/ap/cav Robot RA
Cloak/ap/sent Leather LA
Cloak/ap/sent USA RA
Ext/ap/cav Trapper chest
Life/ap/cav Marine Chest
Life/ap/sent Robot Chest
Mutslay/ap/wwr FSA Rl
Mutslay/ap/cav Robot RA
MutSlay/ap/sent Robot LA
Mut/ap/sent Metal Chest
Mut/ap/cav Metal RL
Mut/ap/wwr Metal RL
Mut/ap/wwr Wooden Chest
Noc/ap/sent Metal left leg
noc/ap/sent USA LL
reg/ap/sent USA Chest
uny/int/sent Leather LL
uny/int/sent trapper LA
uny/int/sent marine RL
van/ap/wwr Combat LA
W/ap/sent FSA RL
W/ap/wwr Metal LA
W/ap/sent Metal LL
W/ap/cav Metal LL
Marine Chest +25 PR
Marine RA +25 PR
Marine RL +1 int
Marine RL +1 luck
Combat Chest +1 luck
Combat LA +1 Agi
Combat LL +1 Char
Combat LL +1 int
Combat RL +1 str
Combat RA +25 EDR
Combat RL +1 int
Combat Chest +1 str
FSA Chest +1 Per
FSA RA +1 Char
Metal Chest +25 RR
Metal LL +25 PR
Metal Ll +1 Per
Metal LA +1 End
Metal LL AP
Metal LL +1 char
Metal LA +1 Luck
Wood LL +25 PR
Wood RA +25 PR
Wood RL +25 EDR
Wood Chest +25 PR
Wood LA +1 char
Leather Chest +1 per
Leather LA +1 char
Leather RA +1 per
Leather RA +1 agi
Leather RL +1 char
Leather RL +1 str
Trapper Chest + 1 end
Trapper LA +1 str
Trapper RA +1 end
USA LA +1 per
Raider RA +1 luck
Auto/end/sent Trapper RL
bol/chasent Marine RA
Bol/agi/sent Leather Chest
Bol/RSent Marine La
bol/chasent marine RL
bol/end/cav metal RL
bol/pesent Robot RA
bol/Psent Wood RA
Bol/pesent metal LL
bol/Pcav Trapper LA
cham/luck/sent Raider LA
Cloak/Pcav Leather LA
cloak/end/sent trapper LA
ext/Esent Combat LA
Ghoul/stsent combat RL
ghoul/stcav Trapper Chest
Ghoul/Rcav trapper LL
Hunteend/cav FSA RA
MutSlay/stcav Raider Chest
MutSlay/Esent Leather RL
Noc/stsent Marine Chest
noc/pesent wood LL
reg/chasent Marine LL
uny/agi/sent combat RA
uny/chasent robot RA
uny/Rsent Wood Chest
uny/Psent Metal RA
uny/str Raider LA
uny/str Raider LL
uny/str Trapper LL
uny/stcav Trapper LL
uny/end/sent Wood LA
uny/Esent Robot Chest
van/agi/sent Combat RA
van/Esent Robot LL
Van/luck/sent Trapper RL
Van/luck/sent Trapper RL
W/pesent Marine LA
W/int/wwr Combat LA
W/Psent Leather RL
W/int/wwr robot RA
w/int/sent Marine RA
w/stcav Robot LA
w/stsent Robot LA
W/stwwr metal RA
W/luck/sent Trapper RA
W/pesent Marine RL
w/end/wwr wood chest
Zeo/chasent Robot LL
zeo/agi/cav USA RA
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2021.09.25 05:54 galalhom Lord of Power.

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2021.09.25 05:54 oualid190 What food have you never eaten but would really like to try?

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2021.09.25 05:54 timonthehappyrider FaZe Rug got a custom 20M play button from Marko

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2021.09.25 05:54 DigitalSpaceport Chia Farming Hardware and Network Optimization - 0 blocks? Check This Out! - Part 1

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2021.09.25 05:54 PervasiveMarmoset Vader Immortal 2: force throws, how do they work?

I've gotten pretty good at drawing drones and bots to me, but when I try to throw them into each other it's still 50/50 if it even goes in the right direction.
Any tips?
This is what I generally do:
Grab the droid, it goes passive. Feel force strengthen. Move my hand in the direction of the target I want to throw droid at. ...let go at some point...
Expected behavior: droid hits target
Actual behavior: droid does heads in some direction.
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2021.09.25 05:54 tingling2021 26M Need someone to talk to,the real ones on reddit the ones who doesn't believe on just scrolling down.

super bored and feeling lost.i need someone who is atleast real here on reddit who could be friendly need someone to talk, to share,laugh together hmu if you are looking for a friend too
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2021.09.25 05:54 ThatsNotMyAlt The Titanic sails to Australia, (1912)

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2021.09.25 05:54 Rinsehlr Please help - RAM/XMP issues

Hi all,
I bought a total of 4 F4-4000C18D-32GTZN for 64gb of RAM. I thought it would be cool to upgrade from 3200mhz to 4000mhz and I had some money burning a hole in my pocket.Only after I got them home did I realize they are “optimized” for AMD but I did some reading and people said they would work fine for intel. I got them installed and had some Q code 53 and 55 issues but installing the sticks one at a time seemed to solve my problems. I then went into BIOS (yes I have the most recent version) and enabled XMP I. No POST. I played around with the DRAM frequency and it will not boot at anything over 3000 MHz. I tried raising the voltage and that gave me BSOD. What do I do here? I tried running just one and then just two sticks rather than four and that did not help. If you’re going to recommend I return them to the store, please recommend a different set of 4x16 sticks at MHz that might work better.
ASUS ROG STRIX Z490e 10850k Tuf Gaming 3080 1TB Evo 970 plus 2TB Evo 970 plus
Any help is like greatly appreciated.
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2021.09.25 05:54 ExponentOrca305 A comment from dream a year ago on Jacks channel … only with 140 odd likes and 20 odd comments. How times have changed.

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2021.09.25 05:54 NoBadTrips_ should i do shrooms or acid.

ive tripped once on acid (110ug) i dont want to do the same dose again im either gonna go for 220ug or a gram of shrooms (lemon tek) i’ve never done shrooms so i dont know what to expect. Anyone who could tell me/compare the effects that i’ll feel with them?
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2021.09.25 05:54 AncientComparison113 Larty Magina ate the gold?

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