Virgin Poster: My new 22LR SBR

2021.09.25 04:28 Catchyusername_ Virgin Poster: My new 22LR SBR

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2021.09.25 04:28 BaconBoy_Likes_Bacon I dont think thats how it works..

umm what the hell?
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2021.09.25 04:28 Zangoe AIO air in loop

Built my new PC last November. First time doing an AIO and didn't pay attention to the fact that the one I ordered had the pump in the rad (MSI Mag Core 360r) . Top mounted it anyway hoping it would be fine. But here we are less than a year later and it sounds like a Geiger Counter and CPU sometimes reaching temps over 90C.
So, looking for suggestions on the best fix. I don't really want to go air as I like the aesthetic of AIO, so should I: 1) Front mount the rad instead (tubes will need to be going up though as they won't fit bottom, but with pump in the rad maybe that would be ok?) 2) Get a different AIO with pump in the cpu block and still go top mount 3) Other?
Thanks for any help/suggestions.
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2021.09.25 04:28 donttalktome_please I feel sick and alone. I'm tired and I'm worried. I feel disgusting and afraid

I just don't want to be here. I want to just run my nails down my wrists and pull my veins out from my arms. I feel really alone and just shitty. really shitty. I don't really know what else to do. It just kinda feels like no one is out there and that there's no way out of this, outside of this one way, but no one seems to want me to take it. I want peace. I want things to go back to what they were, where things were okay and everyone was nearby where I could protect them and watch them. Where I knew where everyone was so I wouldn't have to worry. I want to be able to go out fishing with my dad and enjoy birds with him again. I don't want to feel like such a failure. I'm reminded of everything I fucked up on every day. n I hate it. I just want
I don't know really
Honestly I don't want anything
I just want to be dead quite honestly. that's all I want
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2021.09.25 04:28 Blastfamey Exactly.

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2021.09.25 04:28 AmbassadorWorf I think we all know who's to blame here.

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2021.09.25 04:28 okodysseus What to do with an old critter trail?

When I rescued my dwarf ham, he came in a critter trail home. Obviously I gave him a better enclosure, but now I’m left with this giant piece of plastic and I don’t know what to do with it. Should I throw it away? Can I use it as a transport carrietemporary home in case of an emergency? Recycle it?
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2021.09.25 04:28 Reaction_bucky Me n’ mi cat 🐆

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2021.09.25 04:28 Worker-Bee-4952 Found an alocasia stingray at the grocery store today and couldn’t be happier! 😍

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2021.09.25 04:28 SLEDGELIFE NBA 2k22 PS5 MyCareer - College Debut w/ Syracuse… Duel with Khalil Wall

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2021.09.25 04:28 noviina Studying fast for my first upcoming midterm.

I have a history midterm in about a week or week and a half. I’m trying to go over the first 4 units given to us effectively, but my midterm is short answer and only 10 questions long. He gave us a study guide which lays out what we need to work on learning most, but how should I go about cramming/studying?
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2021.09.25 04:28 lilcasso_ Friday Night 🔥

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2021.09.25 04:28 IncurableAdventurer The blood… sun? rises one again. California dealing with the smoke

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2021.09.25 04:28 prettyfuknkool Best way to purchase?

What's the least expensive way to purchase this coin?
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2021.09.25 04:28 Desireesimoncini 💦Happy friday💦 Link in the comments👇🏾

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2021.09.25 04:28 JulianMbbs1 Realm Resetting - Who is interested??

We are mbbs1 or mybbs doesn't matter what you type first.
dot ddns dot net. Whichever you start with ddns dot net is what you put after.
Sorry, dunno but if I write the whole URL it won't post. It gets deleted.
I've advertised before. It gets removed by reddit spam bots. Dunno.
Is anyone interested in a realm reset to, start from scratch?
I'll be checking back in soon.
Your friendly Sysop,
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2021.09.25 04:28 Captainmanic Jim Cramer's take on xi jinping and his first mistake

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2021.09.25 04:28 Ph-Silva3 Ayaka's tease

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2021.09.25 04:28 Unbridled_Light A chase.

A long exhale of anxious sludge. She regurgitates this noxious slime of heady musk filled fear. Nostrils expanding to capture pheromones of abject terror. A scent of thick sour sweat. Distributed from the pores of burning lungs and shaky legs. Bright street lights will place a halo on her head. A dash from shadow to shadow. The dark will obscure those she has fed.
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2021.09.25 04:28 Prestigious-Sort-989 HILLARY'S MOONBUMP

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2021.09.25 04:28 Madfireplayzimjeffy Thanks I hate realistic frisk

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2021.09.25 04:28 hellodeliciousfriend BUG: Quick items disappearing

My quick items have disappeared from their slots on the inventory screen. However, they still count as being equipped as I have access to granted abilities such as the Holy Symbol of Iomedae and various metamagic rods (also my pet is still summoned). I can equip new items and get new abilities (and the old ones don't reappear in my inventory nor do the abilities go away). Does anyone know of a workaround or fix for this?
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2021.09.25 04:28 griff-zax Cursed_cleetus

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2021.09.25 04:28 speedr123 Looks like Pilates & Meditation filters came early haha! No new content otherwise though

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2021.09.25 04:28 Nrrve Multi port keystone wall plate and patch panel?

I’m planning a home network with about 24 Cat 6a runs, including to wireless access points.
All the runs will converge to a finished room.
I’m considering using a couple of multi port keystone wall plates (enough for 24 cables) instead of a grommet hole in the wall with the Cat 6a cables coming through, for a cleaner look. This would keep all the in wall solid strand Cat 6a cables fully in the wall.
In this setup, should I still use a patch panel? Or go directly from the keystone wall plate to the switch with patch cables?
I like the idea of a patch panel for organization and convenience, but wouldn’t the multi port keystone wall plate act as a patch panel in this situation? And would putting in a patch panel add an unnecessary additional connection point?
I’ll be using a floor standing rack, about 16 or 22u, probably on casters. Not a wall mount rack. There should be plenty of room to get behind the rack to service things without having to move it much or at all.
Or should I forgo the idea of the multi port keystone wall plate and just run all the Cat 6a cables through a grommet home in the wall to a patch panel on the rack?
What do you all prefer in this situation?
Unrelated question. Should the Cat 6a going to wireless access points be terminated onto a keystone and wall plate the connected to the wireless access point with a short Cat 6a cable? Or should it just be terminated directly onto an RJ45 and plugged directly into the wireless access point? The former seems cleaner but the wall plate may add bulk behind the access point.
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