Clip of me playing my 90's Pearls

2021.09.25 06:26 Promark747W Clip of me playing my 90's Pearls

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2021.09.25 06:26 theblindeye1 Still 18%, What are your thoughts? This is my S21+, 120hz

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2021.09.25 06:26 RefrigeratorNarrow11 Someone put this cone next to my girls car anyone know what type of shit this is

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2021.09.25 06:26 vice4862 combining circuitbending and digital glitch art for a dystopian matrix inspired music video!

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2021.09.25 06:26 StanSkywalker Any LGBTQ+ /Ally Students?

I am a part of the pride student union and we currently have a discord if anyone would like to join for event info/friendship!
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2021.09.25 06:26 Hakaishin-AJ how is the population outside of the city?

will i run into plenty of friendly npcs from time to time or is it just a hostile environment
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2021.09.25 06:26 madeupname-_- Do you know who the guest host will be before hand?

I'm new to Kill Tony, I'm thinking of flying to Austin to watch it live for my brother's birthday next year.
Do you know who the guest host will be before hand?
I looked on the blcomedy website and it shows the tickets for next week. But not any more advanced than that.
When do the next weeks tickets drop? Or is there a way to buy them more on advance.
Thanks in advance. I'm excited to surprise my brother for his birthday.
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2021.09.25 06:26 FascistDonut Game Paused (Sae-byeok)

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2021.09.25 06:26 Amizu cardinal sin

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2021.09.25 06:26 Flare_air_ Gift.

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2021.09.25 06:26 joesen_one Get Real S2 Ep. #9 - The Anti-Clubbing Club with pH-1 of H1GHR Music (210923)

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2021.09.25 06:26 i_am_king_of_reddit Beginner here, What is the Second Thyroid test?

I a blood test where I was tested for 3 things. The TSH came a little high at 4.07, while the other two things were normal from I was told. I couldn't answer the phone so my doctor just left a voice mail that I'm going by. So im pretty much un-informed on this procedure. In 6 weeks I'm to take another test. For what? I'm not sure.
For more experienced sufferers, can you enlighten me. What would the doctor be testing for a 2nd time, after a 6 week gap? The same stuff, to see if it is consistent, or something else altogether?
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2021.09.25 06:26 Truth_Speaker_1 Russia: widespread fraud robs CPRF of electoral gains

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2021.09.25 06:26 ChemicalDeath1 Moist Dragon

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2021.09.25 06:26 MyMilfyLover 24F. New here

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2021.09.25 06:26 DastardlyDKD Updating UDM Pro

First time applying updates to the UDM Pro ... Firmware went reasonably quick and am now running 1.10.0 ... so I decided to move on to the Network update and that has been "stuck" on Getting Ready for hours ... short of doing a Factory Reset, does anyone have any advice?
Was hoping to update/install Firmware (done), Network (stuck), Protect, and Talk, plus adopt some new hardware (Access Point WiFi 6 Lite, multiple Switch Lites (8 & 16) + Switch Flex Minis, G3 Flex & G3 Instant Cameras, Smart Flood Light, SmartPower Plug, Phone Touch), and add a 4TB Drive for Protect this weekend, while the spouse is away and I am free to disrupt the network/Internet access ... I have the SmartPower Strip + Phone Flex on order that should arrive early-to-mid next week ... need to have this wrapped up by late next week ... TIA for any pointers/assistance!
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2021.09.25 06:26 yaunome TGIF

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2021.09.25 06:26 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-jean-de-la-bruyere-45

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2021.09.25 06:26 Content-Highlight-20 Question

I'm kind of new I just got into this franchise like a few months ago are there any nice not too expensive figures you would recommend
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2021.09.25 06:26 JonWo Nio - Xjeroff - Scent

Just got a decant of this fragrance - having been ready to buy blind buy a full bottle at one point - I've got to say I'm a bit underwhelmed with it's smell.

I've looked up all the notes on Fragrantica and from what I've read, this fragrance should be right up my ally. But, for whatever reason I'm just nor feeling it.

I usually go for designer or well known niche fragrances, but Nio just smells a bit too 'photo-realistic' for me. It literally smells like grass .

How do you guys feel about this scent? Planning on getting a decant of Roja Dove Elysium next
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2021.09.25 06:26 xKettles [XBOX] [H] tw Helios [W] 4300

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2021.09.25 06:26 Emergency_Apple1037 I'm tired of depending/drinking caffeine to function

A few people around me always talk about the benefits of caffeine and caffeine in "moderation" but I have found over the years that it just exacerbates my sleep issues.
Over half of my life as a 32 year old, I have been drinking a caffeinated beverage for most of my life. At least for 10 years of that, I followed a sattvic diet (no caffeine included) and oddly enough it was the most freeing for me.
But now I feel like I depend on my two cups of coffee/tea a day just to function. It's like my energy has been replaced by caffeine and my body can no longer generate its own energy.
I don't have this problem with alcohol... I can drink alcohol wonderfully in moderation: beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, rum, etc. But caffeine? 8 drink within the daily limit but I feel like I am dependent on that limit to survive my daily workday. And my sleep isn't that great either for the last few years. I have been "undersleeping" on 5-6 hours average a night.
It doesn't help that Canada has so many Starbucks and Tim Hortons around so many corners, and that so many Canadians love drinking coffee in the mornings or a caffeinated tea. I tried going decaf and herbal a year ago, but my landlord's praise of caffeine made me reconsider. I am now reconsidering my decision.
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2021.09.25 06:26 rrgzz pls be brutally honest

hey this is a repost! but I really need some BRUTALLY honest response because I've read a lot of collegeresults posts that have similar profiles and most of them didn't turn out that well.
and I'm definitely not trying to sound pretentious or anything and this will be my last time posting here.
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2021.09.25 06:26 Thiswasacouch Showing off the straps this straturday

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2021.09.25 06:26 KomugiiisSnot Check me

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