2021.09.25 05:33 Joxxorz Jesus

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2021.09.25 05:33 AQuest_realm Middle of the night snaps, should I be worried?

My boyfriend (26M) and I (26F) have had a lot of issues with lot lately before. He has cheated on me a few times (online) and I forgave him. Recently, I’ve been noticing that he gets a lot of snaps after midnight , after we go to bed. I had woken up to pee in the middle of the night the past few nights and his phone is always lighting up with notifications. I’m not the kind of person who would go through someone phone like that so I didn’t look who exactly it was from.
We were at dinner tonight, it was wonderful and we were having a great time so I casually and joking said so “who’s on your Snapchat best friends list recently?” … I wasn’t trying to start anything. The mood was just so light and easy I thought it would be a good time to just ask. And he got so angry and said that I was trying to ruin the night. He said he’s going to leave but we drove together in my car so he couldn’t. But his reaction was so guilty that now I’m more worried than before. He still hasn’t showed it to me and says that I’m being controlling by asking who is on his best friends list. (The first time I caught him cheating was on Snapchat he opened an inappropriate snap from one of his chicks)
I feel gross at the idea of going through his phone but now my heart is racing really hard and I don’t know what to think.
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2021.09.25 05:33 chai_tea_latte_55 VAV's St. Van - Give You My Heart (Orig. IU)

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2021.09.25 05:33 anonymous-person2 I want a love like that.

I want a partner that takes care of me when I’m sick, that holds me when I cry, that takes my pain seriously. Not a partner that has to one-up me when I let out a little bit of what I’m feeling, not a partner who calls my sorrow a burden, not a partner who says they’re sick of hearing about it because it makes them feel bad (when I’ve barely said anything to begin with), and definitely not a partner that uses my memory problems against me.
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2021.09.25 05:33 Mr_Videodrome_Clown TAO BOOK

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2021.09.25 05:33 comeflywithme3 Need friends!

30 m here, married. Tryna find some new friends to chat with through the day! If you want more info; you’re gonna have to ask!
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2021.09.25 05:33 NewsElfForEnterprise Arizona builder heads to McKinney for new rental home community

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2021.09.25 05:33 Euphoric_Proposal622 Looking for a squad to chill and play with (PS4)

I’m in Australia so I’d appreciate if we were in the same region to avoid any connection issues. I mainly play bo3 and Cold War. Shoot me a message if interested
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2021.09.25 05:33 framptonesq Most Reliable Pen - Daily Driver - no budget

I hate this kind of post - the open-ended question without a definitive answer, but I need help so - here goes: I've been using fountain pens for 20 years. I have a Rotring 600, a couple of Parker Vacuumatics, a Paker Sonnet, and a Sailor (I don't know the model). I really like writing with them, but it is frankly frustrating most of the time - especially getting them to start. Because of this, I usually use a gel rollerball in lieu of a fountain pen. I am looking for the Apple of pens - one that just works every time - one that I can pick up and use - one that starts when I start - one that's not prone to skipping - one that doesn't require tinkering to work. I'm not limited by budget. I clean them between inks. I prefer to use cartridges for convenience (but, frankly, if a bottled ink (piston, converter, etc) pen is the only way to get reliable performance, then I'll switch). I usually use a medium nib.
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2021.09.25 05:33 ski_smoke21 Looking for a real human sugar daddy🥺

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2021.09.25 05:33 ClobWobbler Root Bark Australia Review Megathread

Please follow our rules. There will be no 2nd chances.
Please read the Garden Guide to understand how this all works and how to keep yourself safe.
As a rule the mod staff do not vet each vendor. Community members offer their vendor of choice and we build the repository for the community to post reviews.
Moderators are free to post reviews of their own experiences with a vendor and is in no way an endorsement by this subreddit and its moderators as a whole.
We offer no guarantees to any vendor found on this subreddit and advise buyers to research their decisions.
Website URL:
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2021.09.25 05:33 hibnous coolest blu-ray case color I think i’ve come across so far.

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2021.09.25 05:33 RoyalClintonApperson [Clothing] Marmot Ashbury Men’s PreCip Eco Jacket $49.49

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2021.09.25 05:33 johndoe_123456 ZenWifi or RT-AC5300 as main router?

I already have a ZenWifi (XT8) pair setup as router and Aimesh node and have now picked up a used RT-AC5300 to add to the mix. Im curious if one is better suited as a router or Aimesh node? I’m going to use a wired back haul between the router and a node. The second node will be using the wireless back haul.
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2021.09.25 05:33 TheSexyArtist092 MasterArtist092tryin to start streamin as a side thing.

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2021.09.25 05:33 Firelord1329 New Shark Species? ( Read my comment after reading )

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2021.09.25 05:33 FREDDEGRAN Old Man's Last War | Story Narration

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2021.09.25 05:33 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 05:33 UnexpectedUsername1 Fantasy where consuming the flesh of certain people binds them to you and gives them immense power.

I read this probably around 2008 but don't know when it was written.
Certain people in this world are basically blursed with the ability to gain immense magical power at the expense of being bound to a person, essentially becoming their bodyguard. The ritual to perform this binding involves consuming a part of the subject, usually a hand. Later in the story someone makes a soup out of toenail clippings.
From what I remember the first chapter is about a mad king hosting a banquet where a baby is the main course because he thinks it will make him immortal.
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2021.09.25 05:33 Adawakun I have

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2021.09.25 05:33 ContributionOk2282 [Academic] Social relationships and romantic desirability (Australians, 18-45 years old, English speakers)

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2021.09.25 05:33 Doktorgonzo_B Z Fighter f2p team concept

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2021.09.25 05:33 jeffhongsun What If... The Watcher Intervened?

Just a theory though for episode 9
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2021.09.25 05:33 munchiesnOOb Radeon software stopped showing CPU stats other than utilization

Using the radeon software to manage GPU fan settings past few days. When I go to performance, and then metrics, I'm able to see a list of stats for my GPU, and a list of stats for my CPU. For no apparent reason, the CPU stats only show utilization now, when it was working a few hours ago with no issue. There is no drop down arrow or anything to click to expand this. Nothing on the system has changed, in fact it hasn't even been turned off since I last used it and it worked fine then.
Sorry if wrong flair tag, not really sure if this counts as tech support issue.
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2021.09.25 05:33 fmbeatz_124 {FREE}Joyner Lucas Type Beat 2021-"Hit The Fan"|HARD RAP BEAT|PRODUCED BY FR4NK

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