Republic Services Bowl

2021.10.17 20:42 bamahomer Republic Services Bowl

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2021.10.17 20:42 BlockchainSocialist The heterodox politics of the internet of blockchains and sustainability existentialism | The Blockchain Socialist

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2021.10.17 20:42 Concept-Physical first post here(:

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2021.10.17 20:42 CharacterKick5246 Thick thigh is love 🍑🥵🥵

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2021.10.17 20:42 TreeRol The Amsterdam Pirates won Game 7 of the Holland Series, securing back-to-back championships

Shairon Martis pitched his third complete game of the Series as the Pirates beat their rival Neptunus Rotterdam, 4-2. Neptunus finished just half a game ahead of Amsterdam in the regular season, but that was enough to force the Pirates to win the deciding game on the road.
Congratulations to the Pirates!
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2021.10.17 20:42 Potter_lover14 LOOKING FOR FULL GROWN KANGAROO (Age Swapping)

-Preferably no pot or just Ride
You: Full grown R Kanga Me: FR Kanga
You: Full grown No Pot Kanga Me: R Kanga
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2021.10.17 20:42 mayorofgay Christmas Special

So like what’s up with the Christmas special episode???
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2021.10.17 20:42 yostupidfuckingbitch Me and my sister gonna move to Alabama

I heard the sky is blue over there!
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2021.10.17 20:42 Anasel- Streak 100 : Finally I reached three numbers in my daily streak.

I'm feeling over the moon now. Finally, I reached 100 streaks. I'm really proud of myself. When I started writing on this subreddit, my aim was to reach 30 streaks backthen. But I have never thought even once I could reach 100 streaks. It wasn't easy as it seems. It entailed a lot of pushing, dedication, and commitment especially in times when you don't feel like writing anything. I'm happy because I'm the kind of people who find it hard sticking to new habits and tasks.Time flies so fast, I feel like I started writing my streak yesterday.
A big shout out to my dear correctors. We are improving our written skills thanks to the generous correctors' feedbacks. I will always say that without the correctors nothing of this would be possible. Thanks is not enough and cannot repay what they do for us is way more. I'd like to mention some regular correctors' names who corrected my streak several times, but I may not get their user's names correctly. Anyhow, thanks a million dear correctors for your time and efforts. You are the nicest people I've ever known on Reddit.
I got 100 streaks now. So my next objective is to reach 200 streaks. Till then, I hope I can make it since I'll be swamped in the upcoming months. Cheers!!
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2021.10.17 20:42 plantfollower Caterpillar giving birth to a maggot?

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2021.10.17 20:42 Albuyeh Win your choice of Boots, Casual Shoes, and Jeans worth $445+ {US} (10/31/2021)

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2021.10.17 20:42 thepudgep A cozy space for a creative

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2021.10.17 20:42 deathntaxes1 Where and How can I stake my MATIC?

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2021.10.17 20:42 waterfromthevalley Liner look

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2021.10.17 20:42 trailer8k Mano’s Pizzeria, Ridgewood Queens

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2021.10.17 20:42 Spare-Plum Conspiracy? Dotabuff lists Team Spirit as TI winners over a week ago
Personally I was rooting for Spirit so im not malding over their well-deserved vicotory, but I found this interesting
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2021.10.17 20:42 Mysterion1124 [211017] Purple Kiss IG Update- Chaein

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2021.10.17 20:42 ThrowingInTheDark Post your Siege Rhino lists

I want to play a 4/5 with lighting helix.
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2021.10.17 20:42 my-eye-candy-account She's Ravishing

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2021.10.17 20:42 sweatshirtfanatic Pur Cosmetics: Free Pressed Mineral Makeup mini with Chisel Brush (+ shipping)

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2021.10.17 20:42 MissCrazyLady Gus has been adopted. Now we only have 71 cats left. Had 130 that we rescued from a hoarder.

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2021.10.17 20:42 DannyDaCat ICYMI: ICE-T shilling $SHIB!!!! $Shib Diggity on Twitter

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2021.10.17 20:42 Vinny0029 Can players develop X-factors in franchise mode?

Title basically - playing as montreal and wondering if players like Caufield, Suzuki can develop x-factors if they develop into 90+ overall players. Did anyone test this?
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2021.10.17 20:42 tylergravy Dog Lovers 2: Deep Throat

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2021.10.17 20:42 PracticalString98 I’m so screwed.

So practically my mom died in the beginning of my freshman year. Then covid happened. And my GPA was shit. I’m 20 and probably either a sophomore or freshman and I feel like a failure/loser but how many credits should I take to help me graduate within the next 2.5 years? Should I just take 20 every semester ? I also wanted to change my major because I’m unhappy as a biology major as well. I need advice
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