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Lone behold

2021.10.17 21:16 YouDontKnowMe108 Lone behold

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2021.10.17 21:16 toxicpiecrow Katharina Mazepa

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2021.10.17 21:16 MrBeneos WE DID IT!! 54 Battlemaps. 55 Sceneries. 196 Player Handouts. 6 Months of Work. We rebuilt The CASTLE!

WE DID IT!! 54 Battlemaps. 55 Sceneries. 196 Player Handouts. 6 Months of Work. We rebuilt The CASTLE! submitted by MrBeneos to FoundryVTT [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 21:16 zanzan13531 me irl

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2021.10.17 21:16 JaredS1012 Freddy is so ready

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2021.10.17 21:16 FrakzFx [WDYWT] my hiking gear πŸ—»

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2021.10.17 21:16 amanbhatia97 PokePunks collectibles, limited to just 500 | Only at 0.01 ETH, increasing to 0.03 ETH | Super bullish on OpenSea, sold 1/2 of collection | Get 2 NFTs for 0.01 (minting offer) |​​ Now minting: Mega Gyarados, Shiny Bulbasaur, Shiny Snorlax | Buy now, links in comments!

PokePunks collectibles, limited to just 500 | Only at 0.01 ETH, increasing to 0.03 ETH | Super bullish on OpenSea, sold 1/2 of collection | Get 2 NFTs for 0.01 (minting offer) |​​ Now minting: Mega Gyarados, Shiny Bulbasaur, Shiny Snorlax | Buy now, links in comments! submitted by amanbhatia97 to NFTblocks [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 21:16 Ro_Nightfire Damaged a desk during assembly, am I SOL?

I bought a gaming desk for $150. I started assembly after a 12 hour night shift and my mind wasnt all there. On top of that The instructions start from 3, then go 1, 2, 4, 5, etc. I used the screws from part 1 for part 3 and accidentally drove 5 screws under the desk and they protruded out the top of the desk. It's very ugly and its particle board garbage so it's all crumbled around, so they aren't neat holes but like eruptions of particle board. It's very ugly.
Is there anything I can do? Ever hear of a company sending a replacement top part? Should I bother trying to return this obviously damaged and garbage product?
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2021.10.17 21:16 matthewninja99 We have lost any soldier

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2021.10.17 21:16 alarkyman Offer sur rune, need hammerdin items (ps sc)

Hoping for a hoz with some juicy items on the side :)
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2021.10.17 21:16 hodlurbtc Who's down to be my NoFap homie!?

Hope everyone is going strong on their journey unfortunately I failed today I was on day 5. Good luck to you!
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2021.10.17 21:16 hkh25 Gideon is blind in one eye so sleeps like this. It's creepy cute

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2021.10.17 21:16 Apprehensive-Sign476 Spoopy Bellsprout

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2021.10.17 21:16 TX-GunGuy Lost over 13 inches in waist size. (First post here)

I just heard about this sub and wanted to share my experiences losing weight. Im about a quarter of the way to my goal weight and I started at morbidly obese, hell you could of rolled me down the road like a ball.
A little about me.
Im a 25 year old male that (Dont tell my family) at my highest weight I was over 550. I dont know how much more over because I was to fat for the scales at all of ky different doctors offices. Ive always been overweight sitting at 300 pounds 6'3 as a freshman in highschool and reaching 470 in October of 2019. In November of 2019 I attended FitFarm in Tennessee (Great people and place, you will lose and learn a lot there). The main reason for me going was I started having slight numbness in one of my legs that I believed was due to weight. Unbeknownst to me was that what really happened was I had sever spinal stenosis. I lost 40 pounds at FitFarm and despite this my legs got worse until there was a point I could no longer drive or walk without crutches for balance. I spent a long time with different doctors trying to find out what happened (Thanks Covid) and finding MRI machines that I could fit into. I was binge eating my ass off at this point consuming up to $100 of fast food a day. When they figured out the problem and I went in for surgery I topped out the scale at 550 pounds and had 2 rods put in my back from T2-T12. Due to complications in part because of my weight I spent 45 days in the hospital only to get out barely able to stand and have a PE and had to go back for a second surgery and 2 more weeks in the hospital. At this point I decided enough is enough and finally started hitting the grind stone. Today I had to cut down my belt again (its a neat design so it fits from like a 20 inch waist to 67) and its at 55 inches. This belt didnt fit 8 months ago.
What Im doing now.
The first thing I started doing was eating my own cooked food and making healthier options. I dont use much if any butter, I use healthier oil options etc. Since I cook my own food I am able to roughly count my calories. I dont go all out weighing food etc because then it becomes more of a chore and Im lazy.
The second is I got a FitBit to track calories burned and distances walked and to use the Reminder to move notification. Obviously this is not essential but it helps me be sure that Im at a caloric deficet for the day. If you get one actually use it.
The third is I started doing tons of little exercises during the day. The way to burn calories the fastest to my knowledge is to raise and lower your heart rate. Lets be real exercise isnt the most fun thing and its a lot easier to do a few wall pushups here and there than a 2 hour gym grind. One of the biggest things I did is when I fail drills at the shooting range (missed shots etc) I do wall pushups. Another thing was in-between TB shows or commercials I do either weights where Im sitting or squats/lunges. Just find simple things to do throughout the day and it all adds up.
Fourth I did start going to the gym every day on top of doing little stuff throughout the day. I dont spend a ton of time there but I try to get in either an hour of chill exercise or 30 minutes of high intensity interval training.
The last thing I did was set rewards up for myself. Every week I stick to my exercise and eating healthy I get to buy some ammo. Every quarter I stick to my exercise and eating healthy I get to take a shooting class that I travel to (Heading to Baer Solutions in Vegas in December and am amped; Its actually motivating me to work super hard to fit into my gun belt by then) and every time I drop a quarter of my weight I get to buy a new gun. Also my final weight goal will mean I get to buy myself a nice pair of NightVision. (Im a big gun guy if you couldn't tell). Find what will drive you to lose weight as that will help tremendously in keeping honest.
A few side notes. I dont allow myself cheat meals etc. Im not saying you shouldn't if thats what you want to do because Im not your parents. I just know Im like an alcoholic and I cant have just one.
Also I dont get on scales unless at a doctor's office. Scales cant differentiate between fat and muscle meaning you could lose 4 pounds of fat but gain 5 pounds of muscle and be 1 pound heavier. Sure you will be much healthier but its disheartening to see no weight lost. A tip I learned at FitFarm is to use measurements instead because it shows a better measurement of fat lost and the goal should be less body fat and more muscle at the end of the day.
Sorry if this was long and ranty
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2021.10.17 21:16 King_WhatsHisName In alternate universe

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2021.10.17 21:16 Lekowski Go for fortitude or save the Lo rune for infinity?

Go for eth fortitude sacred armor with 835 def or save the Lo rune for infinity for my light soso?
My merc atm got non eth treachery 500 def, eth insight and non eth andy visage.
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2021.10.17 21:16 Siedler1 My colony disappears every time I settle this "asteroid habitat"...

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2021.10.17 21:16 MrBond46 Scammed for a Trophy Pet

I got scammed for 80$ buying a Trophy Pet code πŸ˜‘ Why peoples scam passionate guys for just few bucks?Still not understandable for me! Now is a PayPal question... Anyway,any legit savior that could pm me an offer to sell/tradegift his Trophy Pet code? Thanks in advance,wish you all good games πŸ€™
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2021.10.17 21:16 civillianzebra [US/AL] [H] DC, Star Trek, Marvel, & More [W] PayPal

Hey there!
I have plenty of comics for sale from DC, Marvel, and Star Trek ranging from Present Day all the way to 1994!
Make sure to check out the free comics at the bottom that can come with any purchase!
Take a look at what all is for sale and let me know if you would like to buy something!
All Comics will be bagged & boarded. Please message for any extra details!
Pictures: https://imgur.com/gallery/udPJUQe
Thank you for looking!

Title Issues Lot Brand Price (+ Shipping)
Aquaman (2016) 1-6 + Rebirth One-Shot 7 issues DC $14
Cyborg (2016) 1-6 + Rebirth One-Shot 7 issues DC $13
Future State: Teen Titans 1 (2nd Print) & 2 2 issues DC $6
Green Arrow (2016) 1-8 + Rebirth One-Shot 9 issues DC $18
Green Lanterns (2016) 1-8 + Rebirth One-Shot 9 issues DC $17
Hal Jordan & The GL Corps (2016) 1-3 + Rebirth One-Shot 4 issues DC $8
Superman: Son of Kal El (2021) 1-3 3 issues DC $12
Titans (2016) 1, 2, 4 + Rebirth One-Shot 4 issues DC $7
Wonder Woman (2016) 1-4 + Rebirth One-Shot 5 issues DC $10
Star Trek: DS9 - Hearts & Minds (1994) 1-4 (Complete) 4 issues Malibu $7
Star Trek: DS9 (1996) 1-11, 13, 15 13 issues Marvel $30
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (1996) 1-9, 11, 13-17 15 issues Marvel $30
Star Trek Unlimited (1996) 1-4, 8 5 issues Marvel $9
Star Trek TNG - Shadowheart (1994) 1 & 2 2 issues DC $4
Star Trek: Waypoint (2016) 1 & 2 2 issues IDW $6

Title Issue # Brand Price (+ Shipping)
Aquaman (2016) 64 DC $2
Batman (2016) 16 DC $3
Batman (2016) 31 DC $3
Batman Secret Files: Clownhunter One-Shot DC $4
Batman: Secret Files: Huntress One-Shot DC $4
Batman: Secret Files: The Signal One-Shot DC $4
Batman / Superman (2019) 11 DC $3
Detective Comics 1029 DC $3
Detective Comics 1034 (2nd Print) DC $3
Dark Knights: Death Metal 6 DC $5
Futures End: Justice League (2014) One-Shot DC $2
Justice League (2018) 44 DC $3
Justice League: Last Ride (2021) 1 (Variant Cover) DC $4
JL vs. Suicide Squad (2016) 1 DC $3
Nightwing (2011) 0 DC $2
Nightwing (2016) 72 DC $3
Avengers: Shards of Infinity 1 Marvel $2
True Believers: Infinity Gauntlet 1 Marvel $4
True Believers: Taskmaster Avengers #196 Marvel $2
Star Trek: DS9 - Lightstorm (1994) 1 Malibu $4
Star Trek: DS9 - The Maquis (1995) 1 Malibu $3
Star Trek DS9/TNG Part 4 of 4 Malibu/DC $2
Star Trek: TNG - Through the Mirror (2018) 1 IDW $2
Star Trek: Boldly Go (2016) 1 (Cover B) IDW $2
Star Trek - All of Me - - Wildstorm $4
FCBD 2021: Avengers -- Marvel $1
FCBD 2021: Batman -- DC $1
Comicfest: Batman Adventures #1 -- DC $1
Batman Day: Batman/Fortnite Zeropoint -- DC $1
FCBD 2021: Enter House of Slaughter -- Boom! $4
FCBD 2021: Spider-Man/Venom -- Marvel $1
Batman: Gates of Gotham TPB -- DC $5
Joker: Death of the Family HC -- DC $8

Free w/ Any Purchase (Limit 1 per User)

Title Issue Brand
Superman/Batman (BvS Edition) 1 DC
FCBD 2021: Bountiful Garden 1 Mad Cave
FCBD 2021: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures 1 IDW
FCBD 2021: Star Wars: The High Republic - Edge of Balance 1 VIZ
FCBD 2021: The Boys: Herogasm 1 Dynamite
FCBD 2021: Judge Dredd -- 2000AD
FCBD 2021: World of Zorro -- American Mythology
FCBD 2019: Riverdale S3 -- Archie Comics
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2021.10.17 21:16 OFmegaTitan_premium Park3r full sextape in premium channel now, join premium. Over 1000 thick baddies tapes in premium with new uploads regularly

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2021.10.17 21:16 Your_Product_Here What have I got here?

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2021.10.17 21:16 rG-TitanUp Over/Under Offensive Line

We’re gonna do things differently this week. How many sacks will the OL give up this week?
View Poll
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2021.10.17 21:16 llprxz Can anyone tell me what my safari is?

Would really appreciate it! fc: 3067-9272-4251
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2021.10.17 21:16 000000000050 Oh shit

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2021.10.17 21:16 Capable-Wing-3085 Saying this game is beautiful is an understatement

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