[Deathloop] #300 Super fun game, really enjoyed the exploration and character lore

Stories handed down for generations became truth and masked reality for the people of Dahna. For 300 years, Rena has ruled over Dahna, pillaging the planet of its resources and stripping people of their dignity and freedom. Our tale begins with two people, born on different worlds, each looking to change their fate and create a new future. Finished *Just cause 3 * 300 times better game than I expected (Still have challenges to finsh to get all the cool gear mods). Still in bloodborne after a 2 weeks break, awesome game. Found a new ... ARKANE Studios and Bethesda Softworks have outdone themselves with Deathloop. Featuring a likeable protagonist, a flexible open map to explore, and a fast, fluid combat system, their latest offering brings to mind their earlier games in concept and mechanics — but presented better — make that much better — gameplay, style, and substance.

2021.10.17 20:01 scottish_doug [Deathloop] #300 Super fun game, really enjoyed the exploration and character lore

[Deathloop] #300 Super fun game, really enjoyed the exploration and character lore
Tip if you're stuck on trophies which require killing a Visionary under certain conditions, such as "The G.O.D. of O.S.P." or "Mightier than the gun": environment kills (such as flooding Charlie and Fia's secret hideaway) don't seem to count, at least for me. Shoot/stab as appropriate if they're not popping for you.
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2021.10.17 20:01 ResidentSouth3531 این میتونه واقعا عالی باشه😂😂😂

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2021.10.17 20:01 Ashrlder Looks like this will be the next Special Operations map.

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2021.10.17 20:01 BOREDGAMER_UK Star Citizen - Opera Mushroom - Would You Like To Know More?

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2021.10.17 20:01 Least2020-2022 2022 Chinese HSK Test Available!

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2021.10.17 20:01 Chloe_d97 Dead very dead discord server

Who would like to join a server?
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2021.10.17 20:01 garrettbacon Reinstalling Windows - Do I Need to Delete the Old Files?

I have the Windows 10 files saved on a hard drive, but will soon replace the motherboard, cpu, and ram. From my understanding, the Windows product code is tied to my motherboard, so I need to reinstall it.
I am going to reinstall it through a flash drive to an ssd, but before doing so will I need to delete the files from my hard drive? Thank you for your help!
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2021.10.17 20:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: periodo

periodo translates to spell
Thank you so much for being a member of our community!
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2021.10.17 20:01 sgmctabnxjs [GTM] whistle

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2021.10.17 20:01 johnrock001 Rurouni Kenshin Filler - Complete Episode and Filler List

Rurouni Kenshin Filler - Complete Episode and Filler List - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/rurouni-kenshin-fille
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2021.10.17 20:01 vrlndr Went searching for ghosts in Jerome, AZ and found a weeb instead!

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2021.10.17 20:01 Slimstr8 Having a problem with my phone or my service??

I have the Google Pixel 4a 5g, and it has been a great phone thus far, t-mobile network has even been pretty good to me for the majority of my time with them. However within this past week I've noticed my phone randomly switching from 5g, to LTE, to H+ like never before, and most of the time now it shows my bars with an x over them even at home when on wifi. I've never had this issue before until this week and have unlimited data and everything. Also I've tried taking the sim card out, removing my phone case, putting the phone on airplane mode and restarting it, etc. etc. Pretty much doing all the stuff I've read online, but no real solution. What is going on does anyone have any insight on this?
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2021.10.17 20:01 ColdYellowGatorade Schedule wallpaper?

Maybe I missed it this year but did anyone see or post any calendar wallpaper designs for the new season? Would love to change my iPhone background.
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2021.10.17 20:01 alejojo1234 Rohan besto mangaka 😡

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2021.10.17 20:01 Necessary_Shirt5251 Stuck in Ravine with power worker

Does anyone know a way out I’m trapped down here lol
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2021.10.17 20:01 INFINIT1VE My wee banner, dearies? Any ways to improve btw

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2021.10.17 20:01 Appropriate_Ad4938 Team Spirit Gross Earnings Change

TI10 Man
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période translates to spell
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2021.10.17 20:01 puddinmann Help with Baby girl name

We’re a few weeks out and I’m starting to have reservations on the name we’ve selected for our daughter, Willow Mae Crowley.
Apart of me feels it’s a mouthful while my wife continues to love it. What do we think, Reddit? Is Willow Crowley a good choice? We were playing around with Quinn and callan too
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2021.10.17 20:01 SippinJuice4L Oxyy / pro Ratio plzzz👀👀

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2021.10.17 20:01 johnrock001 Yu Yu Hakusho Filler - Filler Guide for Yu Yu Hakusho

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2021.10.17 20:01 eduberdague A placa diz Proibido Nadar, mas no lago de águas turvas, há uma pessoa se afogando e essa pessoa é a mulher dos seus sonhos. O que você faria? (ASSISTA À HISTÓRIA COMPLETA NO VÍDEO)

A placa diz Proibido Nadar, mas no lago de águas turvas, há uma pessoa se afogando e essa pessoa é a mulher dos seus sonhos. O que você faria? (ASSISTA À HISTÓRIA COMPLETA NO VÍDEO) submitted by eduberdague to StateofRiodeJaneiro [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 20:01 sentrybot619 SAHD - Autistic Wife is abusive.

I'm a stay at home dad of three kids. My wife has Aspergers and has suffered PPD after each child. She has also starved herself to lose about 100 pounds after each pregnancy, basically leaving her hangry and hostile through much of our marriage. She's in a high stress job, and due to her lack of stress management skills, poor diet, and lack of exercise, she's persistently exhausted.
All things aside, just her being on the spectrum has made our relationship difficult. She's often an 'asphole', misunderstands things I say, gets angry, demands apologies, etc. Being the NT in the relationship, it's hard to detect where these strange responses come from and I've often been caught up in a 'don't talk to me like that' back and forth where she doesn't know what she did wrong, and now that I've responded aggressively, she then fires back that I'm just an asshole or something. Even though what she originally said would have caused anybody to stop and rebuff her.
To be a SAHD, I gave up a decent paying job that I'd been at for nearly 10 years. $45K base, with benefits (good insurance) and commissions. Sometime's I brought home $3k for the month. Sometimes $6K. I was financially independent. She didn't rescue anything. We mutually decided for me to be the SAHD after our first kid was born because she was a micro-premie, spent 100 days in the NICU, was tube fed, etc. and hiring a full time pediatric nurse would have consumed all of my income.
My wife on the other hand, had just started her dream job, was earning more, etc. And since she has Aspergers, she needed her job as people with Aspergers need something to obsess over. And she does.
Now 3 kids in, my job as a SAHD is as hard as ever. We have two kids in Pre-K that i take to/from school. I do 'most' of the cleaning, all of the laundry, yardwork, taking out trash, etc. Everything about my workflow was designed around minimizing what my wife has to do so she can focus on her job. Not just because it's our only income, but because it's her career and she wants to excel.
Up until recently, I even had the baby monitor for the two oldest over night as well. Because our youngest was still in our bedroom, I had been sleeping on the couch so that the baby monitor would not wake up our wife or newborn. About a month ago we moved our youngest's crib in with our oldest (both girls), so now I'm on baby monitor duty for all 3. The only real time my wife spends with the kids is a few minutes in the morning and after work. She does help with dinner and the bedtime routine, but this is roughly 3 hours out of the day. Once bedtime is done, especially recently, I get the monitor for all 3 once they're in bed.
Since she's still trying to lose weight, she's been fasting basically the last 11 months. No food all day, small dinner. No exercise, no stretching. Just gets up, goes to her desk for 10 hours a day, then I get served a hangry, tired, autistic wife that gets frustrated with the kids almost instantly and becomes generally difficult to navigate. She can become very bossy, straight up barking orders at me.
Because of her persistent fatigue, and after our marriage counselor telling her to see a psychiatrist immediately, she was put on Adderall. It has been an absolutely total fucking nightmare ever since. She's remarkably combative. Even had a meltdown because her best friend even told her off because my wife was being combative with her. She showed me at text that basically said 'i'll be your friend and be there for you, but you will NEVER talk to me that way again'. She it's not just me. And she's already estranged from her parents.
Here's where things go down hill for me. I'm already lonely. Sex is almost non-existent even though I basically want it every night. When sex does happen it's weird. She's tired and basically just lubes up for me so I can hump her. I can say 'i really need sex I'm going bonkers' every day for weeks and I just get told to rub one out. The ratio of masturbation to sex for me is probably 200:1. The last time we slept together was just after she got back from a mini-vacation, and she was so strangely into it I started to wonder if she had cheated when she was gone. But then that was it. Back to cold and lacking empathy about my position.
Because adderal basically gave her wings, she's been on a 'psychiatry' kick lately about how SSRI's can fix your brain, and she, in her unique way, convinced me to go see her psychiatrist. I do have documented/diagnosed PTSD stemming from some events with our kids (peanut allergies are the worst), but our counselor, nor my doctor, ever referred me to a psychiatrist. Our counselor thought I was adequately self aware of my PTSD and that I generally had the skills to deal with it.
So I go, and the doctor says if I feel depressed or anxious enough that I want to try medication, he can prescribe me lexapro. That said, I already had a nightmare experience with Paxil about 15 years earlier, and had internally sworn off these kind of meds. I had also been roofied once leaving me with a general anxiety about being given meds I don't want.
I never went to fill the script, but my wife went ahead and picked it up for me, and essentially did her weird manipulative thing to basically say I'm cutoff from the relationship if "I don't try and help myself and get on the meds I need". So, against reservations, I take it anyway.
I had a horrible, nightmarish reaction to it. 4 days of panic attacks, delusions, shitting my pants, stumbling around. And my wife essentially minimized the entire thing, saying I'm exaggerating, being dramatic, having a 'man cold', etc. Long story short, but I got suicidal that night (with the baby monitor), and kind of had the most horrific 4-5 hours of my life.
I was started on 20mg, which is the highest certified dosage (can be off labeled at higher doses) but 20mg is the technical max. And you're supposed to start on 10mg. I wasn't given any instruction. Just 'one per day, 20mg lexapro'. After 4 days of nightmarish stuff like spacing out in front of my kids' teachers during dropoff, and being completely gaslit by my wife (she was so frustrated she was locking herself in the bedroom at night) I started to fear for my safety around my wife. She was completely in denial about how sick I was.
She was so hostile over fb messenger one evening that I ended up blocking her. I was already having a small panic attack and she's just shoveling anger at me. No empathy from her whatsoever. The next day, she doesn't speak to me at all. Just locks herself in her office. I roughed it through the day, only for her to start bombarding me over facebook messenger about how terrible of a husband I am because I unfriended her on facebook. Something I didn't recall doing.
Keep in mind, she has a history of getting into my social media accounts; even one time hijacking my cell phone account by getting into my gmail, doing password recovery, changing the password and all the ownership details into her name. So I had valid reason to wonder 'if I blocked you on messenger, how are you all of a sudden messaging me again?'.
It go so bad, that I snapped. I was still sick. I felt poisoned. Even the psychiatrist told me to buckle up because it might take 4-6 days for it to run its course. We were on day 4 and my entire sickness at this point was lost on her. Meanwhile, I'm so freaked out that I'm scared to be around the kids, so I simply responded with "I'm packing up my shit and going to my moms". At this point I felt unsafe around my wife, that I could basically have a stroke in front of her and she'd nelson.gif me. I had contemplated going to the ER, and two nights prior during a panic attack, I even did an online dr visit where the physician said yea thats a lot of lexapro to start on, and yes, you could be having a serious panic attack. If you can take a xanax do it, if not call 911. I even showed her the visit notes and I was met with 'you're being dramatic'.
I did decided that 1) I didn't think she'd harm our kids and 2) I needed to get out of the house because she was inducing so much panic that I was worried I'd have a heart attack if I didn't get away.
As I'm packing a single bin up, she starts yelling, cussing in front of the kids, telling me I'm going nuclear 'over nothing'. I'm keeping my head down, walking around her and generally trying to avoid conflict. As I start to walk out with the bin of necessities, she says "If you leave and don't take your cat, I'm going to let her out tonight, and I hope she dies".
I have it on video.
At this point, I'm well aware I'm caught in a domestic abuse trap. I can't leave my cat. She's old and frail. My wife had become so psycho over the last year, she even stopped caring for her own two cats and we had to rehome them. She tells people its 'because they were unhappy' and I know it's because she straight up hated her cats. Often wished they'd just drop dead. I believe she blamed her fatigue on the cats waking her up at night. Either way, she went from being my BFF fellow cat lover (we both had two cats when we met) to this angry lady that had emotionally abandoned her pets. (i always cleaned the kitty litter, btw.).
I don't leave. I'm not sure what to do about my cat. I was already freaked out about my wife mishandling my sickness and being a bitch about it, that I had setup an appointment with our marriage counselor. He knew our history, and of course he opens the session holding his cat, because he knows I love cats. When I told him about the threat to put the cat out if I left, he wasn't thrilled. He read me so well that he said he was already considering calling me an ambulance. I told him that last night (with online dr visit) that I took a xanax and it knocked me out. He said he was concerned that since I didn't have somewhere to sleep where I could lock the door, that my wife might attack me, or at least go on an unhinged verbal abuse rant and corner me. (I have woken up to her kicking me in the ribs before.....)
I decided to stay and take a xanax. Of course our counselor was right. She came storming down into the basement where I was sleeping on a couch, and starting YELLING.
All because my cat woke her up. At this point, I decided to take a quick shower (basement bathroom) and grab my things and go to my moms. As I was leaving, I got a string of texts from her saying
Wife: Take the cat and get out of my damn house
Wife: My life is an absolute shit show
Wife: Seriously fuck you and your fucking cat
Wife: Take the cat too
Wife: Ok, then I'm taking her to get put down if you won't take her
Wife: Then I'm filing for divorce since you won't cooperate
Feeling like I had to leave my kids and my cat behind while I sat in the car made me so sick, and I was so mentally exhausted from what I'd label as a 5 day long bad micro lsd trip, and knowing that at the peak of it I entertained suicide for the first time in my life, I knew I wasn't well. My normal resting heart rate is usually right at 50-53, and my pulse felt like it was in the 140's. Faster than if I were to sprint for 5 minutes on a treadmill. Things felt wrong. I honestly feared for my health like I might have a heart attack, stroke, or something.
I went to the ER. I told them everything. They said I should have been admitted the first night I showed symptoms, that my vitals were out of whack, and even had a counselor come in and straight up say 'marriage with people on the spectrum can be incredibly difficult, and I believe you'.
They were so warm, welcoming, and disappointed to find out that my wife, an RN, failed to take it seriously. I had shown them the texts about the cat being put down, all the times I messaged her things like "I feel really weird" "Feels like someone gave me bad lsd" "I can't stand up straight" "I don't feel comfortable holding our kids" "I feel poisoned" "my heart rate is fucked up" "I just spaced out for a minute and couldn't do anything about it"
They admitted into the Behavioral Health Unit for having a 'serious side effects to lexapro' and 'verbal and psychological abuse'. I spent less than two days there for them to basically tell me, I'm super fit. They have all of my medical records for like 20 years with all good health and compliance to dr's orders. The internal medicine doctor said she thought I could remain active and athletic into my 80's and she saw no underlying physical reason that could have exacerbated the lexapro.
Then I saw the psychiatrist. he was livid that I was prescribed 20mg after declaring a bad reaction to Paxil. Asked for the prescribing dr's name, address, and even had me find verify the guy's info when he googled it. Said at my weight, he would have started me at 2.5mg. Not 20mg. 2.5mg. He then says I should have not been prescribed it in the first place. I'm no where near needing something like that, and that he was well aware of what an autistic person on adderal might be capable of. He discharged me, telling me that I should not go back to my wife, my stress is 'circumstantial' and not related to any brain chemistry being off, and that I should have refused to take it in the first place. When he was leaving the room, he said "i really don't think these kind of meds are for you, and you should never take them again. I'm sorry for what you experienced".
Prior to discharge, they had a social worker go over everything with me. She had worked with people with Aspergers quite a bit, and she that believed it likely unsafe for me to be in the house with her, at least for now. My discharge plan included going to my mom's house, and not home.
That was just over a week ago. Since then, I've received many hostile texts from my wife saying I lied to the doctors. That they saw 'right through my bs', etc. I realized she had access to my medical records through the online portal. She was reading everything. She then went on a rant saying that "until I change, get the help I need, and get on the meds I need" that I basically can't come home or see the kids. Meanwhile, I'm holding discharge papers saying I need to see a counselor for the additional PTSD my wife just caused me, to stay off meds, and that my stress is circumstantial.
My wife also said that she wanted me to come take my cat to the vet. Said she'd pay for it. I showed up with my mom around 30 minutes early. I assume wife was thinking she'd put cat in carrier and set her on front porch. I decided to just come inside. My kids were right there playing. My step-dad was already over there watching the kids. As soon as my oldest sees me and screams "DADDY!" my wife comes flying down the stairs and literally ripped me away from my kid. Full hands on my neck and shoulders, pulled me back onto my ass. She's screaming 'get out of my house' while my parents are pulling her away from me. I threatened to call the cops, but we all know that something like this on my wife's record could cost her nursing licenses and her career. I still love her. I want to think my wife is ill and the more I separate myself from the situation the more I realize she's just flat out mentally ill.
I also didn't want the kids to see mom get in trouble. So I just went back outside, calmed down, and then my wife came out and said something to the effect of "I was going to file for separation since you abandoned us, but now you're getting a divorce for this stunt". At that point I called her a fucking psychopath, she then tried to stop me from closing my car door and I literally had to shove her back so I could close the door.
I should also point out that since she's the only income generating partner, she had cut me off financially almost 3 months prior. She was making me ask for everything and then putting the exact amount I asked for in a joint account. I need $10 to go by kids masks. Have to wait for to be ok with it, move money, etc.
When I took my cat to the vet, I was concerned that my wife wouldn't accept the cat back, and that she wouldn't pay the bill as she agreed to. (I asked wife how I'm supposed to pay for vet when she cut off all the money and she said she'd pay for it). I gave them the rundown on the situation, and they started gathering a list of resources for temporary housing (my mom and stepdad are allergic to cats). I also showed them the text of her threatening to put my cat down, and they pointed out that while the threat itself is abusive in its own right, if she were to have actually brought my cat up and put her down without my consent, it's a 2 year prison term in our state.
Anywho, so here I am, back at my mom's house. My wife's still at home with the kids. I already called the cops and asked if there's no separation orders or anything, does my wife have a right to keep me from going inside and they said absolutely not. The officer said I'm free to walk in, sit on the couch, watch tv, and if she puts a hand on me, to call 911.
She has also unplugged all of our internal security cameras, so i can't watch the kids remotely. I'm kind of in the dark, I don't know what my wife is really planning, I really wish she'd just snap out of w/e the fuck is going on, and I want my wife back. I also want to see my kids.
I'm also incredibly scared for my wife. She's always been a weird aspie, but she's full on bonkers now, and I can't imagine what's going on inside her head. And being that I have no income, no job, I'm incredibly poorly positioned for a divorce battle. Fortunately my parents are willing to step up, but I really don't know what to expect.
Sorry for the rant. I'm just really confused, sad, and heartbroken. I haven't been perfect in this relationship either and I'm just not sure if I'm cutout to manage someone on the spectrum, no matter how much I love them when times are good.
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2021.10.17 20:01 CorgiCrypt what was your introduction to green day?

mine was weird als parody of american idiot. my dad used to play weird al in the car a lot
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