Haha shred the jello!!!

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2021.10.17 21:11 OhGodItsSebas Haha shred the jello!!!

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2021.10.17 21:11 jaggerleaf16 Pack prices on ps5

Just picked up the game and was gonna pick up a couple of PSN cards to drop some money on packs. Can someone let me know the point costs and pack costs/what’s included? On the highway travelling home or would do myself
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2021.10.17 21:11 WeAreSpiceCity [Homemade] Tigelle

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2021.10.17 21:11 Chemical-Ad-4908 Scammer pt 2 this is bodeine boys snap or supreme lean or lean supreme

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2021.10.17 21:10 Excellent-Couple449 Sunk cost

I have a Trek Portland, 2008 (the white one with brow leather accents) that I love. It’s done maybe 8000 miles and had a few tune-ups over the years. But I have also ridden it in mixed terrain, used a child seat, crashed a couple of times.
How do I figure out if a bike is worth investing in? It’s probably too late now, but I fear the last couple of months were a money pit.
I started by buying new lever hoods online, like $20 to replace the disintegration rubber. Great, until I realized I lacked the skills to rewire the shifter cables that came out on the side and prevented new hoods from going on. So bike shop helped install them, replace the slightly bent drop bars, re-tape them, and adjust both shifters with new cables, at a cost of about $250.
New tires. Since only CX/gravel tires in stock in any nearby store were pretty fancy, cost $120.
Wonderful for a couple of days. Then I want to put on some CX pedals. Unfortunately they didn’t go in right—seemed the threading was worn out and the pedal was about 5 degrees off. Bought $140 Ultegra 2x 10spd drivetrain and figured out how to replace it myself. Worked great for a couple days, but chain would fall off the large ring. So I read up on how to adjust the shifters and tried. Long story short, I failed and shifter no longer works. Store helped explain that the 3spd shifter would work poorly with 2x drivetrain but had an old 2x Ultegra STI in stock and a 2x Claris front derailleur. $300 with labor.
Should I have cut my losses earlier, and if so when? I can afford the repairs and could afford a new bike, but when does a new bike start to make more financial sense? What will break next — the rear shifter? Already spent >$800 on a bike of nominal value, and that doesn’t even count the tools I’ve bought to do it.
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2021.10.17 21:10 Just-scrolling767 Trying different looks

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2021.10.17 21:10 IdontFollowMommyDoms my mom and dad would take turns beating me after I did that

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2021.10.17 21:10 PanelaMistica Switching From 5W Charger To 20W

im getting a 20w usb-c charger for my xr, it wipl damage my battery Life?
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2021.10.17 21:10 Mcdolnalds Cincinnati Bearcats ranked #2 in nation

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2021.10.17 21:10 Lastrochas6265 What’s something that has happened to you that if you told anyone they wouldn’t believe you?

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2021.10.17 21:10 CallMeStrifu [PS4] [CURRENT GEN] Looking for people that like the anime, Kuroko No Basket, to make up a small tight-nit community to play REC games and grind the upcoming seasons! We want to focus on team play, and putting in the practice to be better at the game. Comment and ill invite you to our discord. =)

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2021.10.17 21:10 somedirtbagfromtown Endless ranking system? I've run out of things to do tbh.

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2021.10.17 21:10 Ms_Trouble_Maker So are hands a thing??? Idk why Reddit started showing me hands??? Today some random post on “hands”

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2021.10.17 21:10 Josh87_Ortiz Archon combo and Extension cab high gain demo

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2021.10.17 21:10 16yearoldbodybuilder Is this good progress? Should i keep bulking?

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2021.10.17 21:10 Daydreamer2202 My heart horse a few months before she had to walk over the rainbow bridge🧡

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2021.10.17 21:10 Azazeleus Is it possible to get the nightsong in Patch 6?

Spoiler ahead:
Sadly I killed the three leaders without finding Brian so I dont even know where to look in the Underground. Any advice?
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2021.10.17 21:10 GarbageKan992 geralt

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2021.10.17 21:10 Auggy74 Just a few from the weekend.

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2021.10.17 21:10 KoopalingN64 Evil Antonio Castillo

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2021.10.17 21:10 Sandman-320 The Enneagram test is astrology with a college degree

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2021.10.17 21:10 Powervul [Poetry] I Thlammed my penith in the car door

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2021.10.17 21:10 Hummus_Savor [Free For Profit] bryson tiller x brent faiyaz type beat - "askew"

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2021.10.17 21:10 BotDefense overview for Decent_Dependent_197

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2021.10.17 21:10 BadgerWild “Most veterans think buying a home without a credit score is impossible…”

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