Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect by StormbornCat [self]

2021.12.08 12:46 StormbornCat7 Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect by StormbornCat [self]

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2021.12.08 12:46 Steven-Henshaw Is there something wrong with me? Am I a narcissist?

I’m 19 and male, I don’t know if what I do is common but every two months or so I get in a little emotional wreck episode, like sort of on accident but also on purpose. I think the first time it happened was when I was 15 but at that time they were rare and right now have become a somewhat regular occurrence. At first it was that I heard a tragic story and I’d go to my room, lock the door and have a good cry. Then it became I look up a tragic story (not for the purpose of crying but more so due my morbid curiosity) I’d fixate on it and cry in my room. But now I’ve noticed something even more odd, I create a sad story in my head, specifically where I’m the “sad part” in question. I imagine myself having a terminal illness while I look back on childhood memories with my family while everyone (parents, siblings, cousins, etc.) including myself are crying and waiting the inevitable. I cry like crazy during these episodes and I actually feel in a strange way somewhat good afterwards. Why is this? I don’t EVER want to have a terminal illness, I don’t want to die, & especially don’t want my family to see me die. So I tried the other way, I imagine a relative of mine being sick and me having to deal with that, but I quickly stopped. I don’t want to imagine that, it’s too terrifying for me. So what’s the deal with me? I know I’m a sentimental person and have no problem with it, I actually like that about myself, but why is it that I envision myself being sick and everyone close to me suffering and then myself suffering because they are suffering? Am I a narcissist? Do I think too highly of myself & for that reason I picture everyone bawling like crazy because of my soon departure in these specific scenarios. If I don’t want to actually live these scenario then why do I feel great when I’m done crying and imagining the whole thing. I’ve never shared this with anyone. I would like to hear everyones input on this. Thanks.
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2021.12.08 12:46 vaggiterian Chromatic Fates Tarot by @Amaretta_

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2021.12.08 12:46 Complete_Duck Coincidence? I think not

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2021.12.08 12:46 Forward-Claim3641 Beautiful Christmas Lights Sao Miguel Azores Portugal

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2021.12.08 12:46 ProudGSDMom Fearful German Shepherd Puppy

My eight month-old German shepherd puppy has been showing social anxiety towards strangers. To people who don't observe her body language, it would seem like she is aggressive... but that's only when the socialization activity is pushed. if she is around someone who she doesn't know, typically she cowers and hides behind someone who she trusts unless someone tries to pet her. In this case, she will show her teeth and snarl. Of course, we moved to a new townhouse and she seems to have a deep, protective bark whenever she sees a stranger (usually with men) pass the house.
After moving into our townhouse, her social anxiety issues combined with her excitement is causing additional bad behaviors. In the week since we've moved in, she has not pooped outside at all. Normally she holds it in, until the poor thing just explodes because rather than just a single piece of poop, its piles of it. Her excitement is, also, causing her to bite and jump at people who she knows.
Yesterday I had her in front of a behaviorist who I believe offered me a great rate. Its $700 for four two-and-a-half hour long sessions, which I think my dog will really benefit from... even if we can't continue with her. Plus, we have access to a local monthly walking group, where we stay in touch with the behaviorist and her past and current clients and their dogs.
I found the session with the behaviorist very informative. Apparently, my dog is not an aggressive dog by any means, she's actually a very submissive, sweet dog who is very fearful. She doesn't feel like she has any boundaries and gets pent up with excitement, and always feels like she has to be on the constant alert because the people in the house who she should feel protected by and are her guardians haven't set the boundaries that she's desperately looking for.
In fairness, I live with my boyfriend of 10.5 years, my mother-in-law, and his uncle who don't have much experience owning puppies. My boyfriend's uncle owned several dogs but they were adult rescue dogs who were already trained so he's never raised a puppy. My mother-in-law's parents owned several adult rescue dogs when she was growing up, and she had a dog that she kept chained up when she was first married, who died when her boys were little, and tried to own like 3 or 4 dogs after but got rid of them within 3 to 6 months.
However, a situation occurred during the meeting with the behaviorist that combined with her behavior towards my brother-in-law (who had his first meeting with the dog) caused my mother-in-law to look at my dog as if she is a dangerous, aggressive animal who only likes the people who she was raised around and doesn't want anything to do with anyone else. That's not the attitude of the behaviorist who has told me that she will talk to my mother-in-law for me, AT ALL.
The behaviorist was telling us about the dangers of giving a dog rawhide, one which can be that even the kindest, calmest dogs can turn vicious when given rawhide. Some of the treats that my mother-in-law was giving our dog were manufactured under the brand Good 'N Fun, which makes treats that are made with hide.
We found out that the only difference between hide and rawhide is that hide is made from a specific animal, while rawhide can be made from any animal. I told her about those treats and started showing her the treats along with my dog's dog food, my dog started aggressively barking at her excessively... we were unable to calm her down. The behaviorist left not wanting to possibly cause a situation where my dog bit her but noted that my dog had several opportunities to bite and didn't.
The behaviorist attributes to three reasons, none of which were my dog's fault:

  1. Like any two- or three-year-old child would after a long conversation involving his or her parents talking to stranger who he or she doesn't know, my dog was getting antsy because we were already two hours into the session.
  2. My dog has an adverse reaction to rawhide that makes her crazy, Coincidentally, there was an encounter where my brother-in-law tried to give her a Good 'N Fun treat, something that I encouraged after hearing that giving a dog who is nervous around you a dog treat can be a good idea because it helps to associate positive connotations with you and said that my dog was acting like she was about to attack him.
  3. She thought that the behaviorist was stealing her food and became protective of her food. This could have created a sense of betrayal because my dog felt very comfortable around the behaviorist, and here she was trying to take something that my dog needs to survive.
I have since thrown all of the Good 'N Fun treats away and my dog is NEVER going to get another product made from rawhide or hide again, something that I never wanted to begin with but wasn't around enough (when we first got my puppy I was living in my own apartment) to stop. My biggest fear is that my dog isn't going to warm up to the behaviorist again... neither of them are at fault for this.
Has anyone been in a situation like this before? Is there anything that I can do to get my dog to feel less fearful and gain a better sense of confidence that we will keep her safe, and she doesn't have to protect us from everyone, unless we experience an unfortunate encounter (most of the dogs that I have raised would go up to anyone for attention)? Do you know if there's anything that I can do to black out my dog's memory of the encounter with the behaviorist... I really liked working with this woman, and my dog liked her until the situation with the food occurred?
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2021.12.08 12:46 Subtle__Numb 2 fuckin’ weeks!

Ill admit, I’m just posting this to brag on myself, but I don’t care, I think I’ve earned it! I’ve been on methadone since June, and while my using had gotten better, I was still using 5-6 times a week out of sheer habit, even though fent wasn’t really getting me high. A bit drowsy maybe, but I couldn’t stop throwing away 60 or 70 bucks most nights.
Well, I had been doing better around the start of November, only using once every 2-3 days (2-3x a week vs 5-6). Got 5 days once. Through a combination of exercising, trying to be more present daily and not hiding in my phone, eating right, and sheer fucking willpower, I’ve been clean for 14 days!! I’ve hit the gym every day this week so far, and went 3x last week. My diet is great, and while I haven’t lost much weight, I’m not as bloated which is nice. I was letting the methadone sugar cravings take over my life.
My mood was all over the place, and I was just hiding from the world, and using because of it. I feel like a completely different person right now, as I type this from the gym, where my workouts are getting better every day as my muscles wake back up. Things aren’t as shaky, partly because I’ve admitted to myself it’s okay to drop the weight, nobody is watching me bench 45lbs and judging me. I have a whole lifetime to add more plates on the bar.
So for anyone on methadone and still stuck in a cycle of using, know that it can get better. I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms besides insomnia, but I work evenings so I was able to sleep after dosing at 5:30am. My dose feels like it’s way better (I went up 5mg to 85 right before thanksgiving)
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2021.12.08 12:46 TheFaithfulComrade How big of a deal is kickstarting a sumo?

I'm considering buying a KTM 660 SMC ('07). I had an LC4 enduro ('93) before and it was a nightmare to start and keep running even when I learned how to do it. Is it worth buying a supermoto for almost 3k € with kickstart only? How much of a hassle is it if I want to use it daily and even stunt a little bit?
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2021.12.08 12:46 EnigmaToBeFound My Summit Score for this cheeky thing , Drift event was a massive pain to get up there

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2021.12.08 12:46 Tukrong LGVN update on shares.

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2021.12.08 12:46 ChewyGranola1981 Winter event

So I have been playing on and off for a while, but have never done an event. I just transported myself to Q’s winter wonderland, but I’m not exactly sure what to do. I really want the prize ship at the end. So, how do these events work? Is there more of a mission than hanging out in Q’s area? Dumb question I know, but it’s a new thing for me. Thanks!!!
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2021.12.08 12:46 Ghastion Any good Wuxia movies lately?

I feel like nobody is making Wuxia anymore. The last 2 good Wuxia films I saw were Shadow (2018) and Call of Heroes (2016). I'll watch random trailers of Wuxia-style films, but they all seem to be low-budget and infested with CGI. If anyone knows any actually good ones that came out in the past decade, let me know! I like using Call of Heroes (2016) as an example because nobody talks about it, yet it was actually an awesome movie with great fight scenes and visuals. So, if any of you have seen any other Wuxia-style films that nobody seems to mention, please do share!
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2021.12.08 12:46 Limp-Couve-flor (OLHA ISSO) Fornecedor de IPHONE Faz LOUCURA COM R$ 500,00 Você Ganha 25 MIL REAIS

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2021.12.08 12:46 MikeDiamond_ApexGMAT 3D Geometry GMAT Problem - GMAT MATH - Quant Section

Hi All!
Today's video is about a 3D Geometry GMAT Problem.
A rectangular box is 10 inches wide, 10 inches long, and 5 inches high. What is the greatest possible (straight-line) distance, between any two points on the box?
(A) 15
(B) 20
(C) 25
(D) 10√2
(E) 10√3
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2021.12.08 12:46 Hollowshiningami Hoid knows what's up

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2021.12.08 12:46 RainbowTteokbokki So relieved to earn the dress before the end of the event! On the last one I didn't manage to get the Vangie shoes

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2021.12.08 12:46 vldmrpopov Moonbeam Christmas Challenge / Art by Volodymyr#7663

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2021.12.08 12:46 user10387 Monoprice Select Mini V2 Modular Toolhead

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2021.12.08 12:46 JungleNoGank Should I counter-gank a lane if I'm pathing away from it and I'm already a but far?

Now obviously as a jungler, if I'm pathing top and I'm on my buff on top side and my bot lane is being ganked, I should look to invade, get objective, or gank the opposite side lane. But if I'm doing my raptors on my bot side and I'm pathing top, and I see that the enemy jungle ganked bot, should I go for a counter gank?(obviously champions like Kayn and Talon can easily reach bot but for other junglers that can't) or should I go for a cross map play?
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2021.12.08 12:46 DeeSaR47 ich_iel

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2021.12.08 12:46 guckmalmensch accidentally bought too many christmas cards lol where to give them away

Thought i bought 5 but got 30 lol. I’d like to give some away (blank) for free. Where would be a good place to put them?
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2021.12.08 12:46 Rafeeq Even Ubisoft is getting into the NFT train. This is very real

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2021.12.08 12:46 WillsBricks So we are getting a regular DC set in 2022

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2021.12.08 12:46 orangeseas found old opened bag of broccolli sprouts I had bought - it says sell by 1/21 (today is 12/8/21) - should I throw away?

I had bought a bag of brocolli sprouts a while back, opened the bag and only used a few Tbs, and totally forgot about the bag of sprouts as it was hidden in the back of a big cabinet. I just saw it and see it has a sticker on it that says "sell by 1/21" - and now it's december of 2021. Should I throw it away?
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2021.12.08 12:46 Admirable_Rub_7306 The mini suffer

So I basically had a dream in my sleep last week about me killing a mini brutally and I turned it into a story sooo enjoy One day I was in a mission to infiltrate a mini base so I can kill the GOLDEN baby mini So I started training and it took me 3 days just to get ready and I took of every robot And mechanical part in my body and even the rinnegan so they don’t recognize me it was painfull but Hey no pain no gain and I made a new temporary identity so I can pretend to be a mini simp and my fake name was minilover mp1 I bought a gift box Wich had a web launcher inside so I can trap the mini inside and then I went to the GOLDEN mini visiting chamber Guard:your name and Id please. Me:ok here Guard:you can get in sir GOLDEN mini:hey stooped woncwe Me:I got you a gift GOLDEN MINI:opens gift GOLDEN mini:opens gift Golden mini:waaaaaaaa I awm iwn a nwet gwuawds sabe mwe Me:nobody can can save you know I held the the net and kept slamming the mini so hard and he screamed And cried and I was like in my mind "I love mini screams I can’t have enough of it” Mini:dwadwa! I then chocked the mini and made him cry blood The mini screamed and cried in pain waaaaaaaaaaa pwease stwop ahhhhhh Pws it huwts he screamed that I got my ears hurt so bit him so hard taking of His skin and the mini can’t do anything about it I then used him to
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