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What is wrong with my Valorant

2022.01.29 08:28 apple-filly-pie What is wrong with my Valorant

This is my internet speed rn with this pc and this is what I mean by the "stuttering" I am facing
Basically I have tried everything on the internet on how to improve my Valorant stuttering issues, but to no avail. My brother plays on another PC and he isn't facing any of these issues. My FPS is fine but i do face 4-7% packet loss occasionally.
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2022.01.29 08:28 GroundbreakingSet187 Wow … at least Hritik doesn’t disappoint .. haina ?

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2022.01.29 08:28 FreeStudios Paper Mario: The Bleckoning- Screenshot

Processing img zl0dhnft3me81...
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2022.01.29 08:28 Ragna126 Why are some people just let them hitting.

I don't understand why some people just let them hit. They don't move and are just staying around.
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2022.01.29 08:28 palo1988 True words

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2022.01.29 08:28 PeterPanMUC Loop Mount Twist a perfect addition to my S3

It has finally arrived after months of waiting due to production and supply chain issues: Loop Mount Twist. I had ordered some in black and silver quite a while ago. Immediately putting a black one on my S3, I wasn’t disappointed! It fit perfectly regarding style! Assembling it, however, does work well with the supplied rubber mounts and I had to use the (also supplied) rubber bands to make it fit. Maybe I will try mounting it somewhere else after having tested riding with it in spring.
So far happy and would recommend it. What do you think?
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2022.01.29 08:28 bigwinboard Lava Lava (Thunderkick) Online Slot Review

"Wrapped in classic Thunderkick design, Lava Lava is sure to thrill players into the sort of relatively simple yet explosive entertainment they are capable of producing."
Read the full review: https://www.bigwinboard.com/lava-lava-thunderkick-slot-review/
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2022.01.29 08:28 Haunting_Stretch_477 Query on Solo Strategy at Incarnation level 8

Query on Solo Strategy at Incarnation level 8 Please help OAO.
I have tried two solo runs on the [Incarnation level 8] with the cat.
However, both of them were stuck at the last scene (the snowy one) by two healing minions that keep healing each other, as shown in the screenshot. Their healing speed always surpasses the damage a single character can deal within that certain time span. This is quite discouraging for me as it seems players playing with the cat hero had no choice but to surrender due to exhausted ammunition here.
Sadly, since it takes hours to attain the scene for another try, I'm wondering whether there's a certain strategy (skill tree build or runes) you guys recommended for a solo run with cat?
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2022.01.29 08:28 Lars_Galaxy Herbert Jones should be in the Rookie of the year conversation.

Nuff said. This kid doin enough to prop up the Pelicans of all teams.
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2022.01.29 08:28 Fishandveggies "Johnny Osbourne - Ice Cream Love"

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2022.01.29 08:28 blogoklahoma M 2.6 - 7 km SSW of Alex, Oklahoma #okearthquake

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2022.01.29 08:28 sadtrooper123 Do you ever get over your first abuser/groomer?

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2022.01.29 08:28 ImacowandIgoMoo Crying cuz I know I have to leave my room but I have cuts on my face and I dunno what to do

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2022.01.29 08:28 Youtube_ZEasy 90% city driven. Gotta bump up those numbers

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2022.01.29 08:28 Jomioxd I legit got banned from apex for saying "bro you fucking suck with your smurf"

I got banned after texting "bro you fucking suck with your smurf" after this dude herassed me the whole match in voicechatt and then apparently reported me after firing back once, great job EA. I'm a little bit pissed for that ngl how is that fair, this game should record voicechatt as well... How is that a good thing to bann people for saying something bad after getting herassed a whole match and cheaters are ingame for days without getting banned what a great game...
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2022.01.29 08:28 Helal1969 Help me solve this please

Two concentric hollow spheres have radii 1 m and 2 m respectively. The space between them is filled with a material of thermal conductivity k. At time t=0, their temperatures are 273 K and 300 K respectively. Find the instantaneous heat current between the spheres.
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2022.01.29 08:28 sleepysimplicity_259 Mechanic issues.

I got to Plat 4. Not because of my mechanics but because of my decision making. However my smiting is so bad. appreciate ridiculously bad, I feel like it’s honestly holding‍ me back so much. What can I do to improve my smiting ? I’ve been playing a long time and have experience just can’t seem to get it down .
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2022.01.29 08:28 Solid-Juggernaut-631 Mid at best *No Spoilers*

Just finished the series, started out strong and interesting, but wow did it become such a chore to get through towards the end. The insane amount of plot armor and creepy romance fantasies really just made me want to quit right then and there, but I stuck it out. The sheer lack of development for characters who were repeatedly displayed as vital characters became laughable when compared to some of the lesser side characters. The world building was definitely really interesting and one of the best I’ve seen, but that kind of dwindles away when plot holes on a more macro scale abound.
All in all I would rate it a 5/10, certainly a good series in the beginning but flaw after flaw turns it into more of a hassle than it’s really worth.
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2022.01.29 08:28 Pretty-Situation-693 FREE NFT GIVEAWAY FIRST 150

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2022.01.29 08:28 cmstrump How Mindfulness Meditation Can Rewire Your Brain - Guide

The key concept behind mindfulness meditation is that the human mind can never feel complete from its current state, it will never be satisfied or happy, it will always want more. Without acceptance of the limitations of the human experience, you’ll keep chasing the infinite in a finite world rather than looking for completeness within. Here are the key elements of this approach explained: How Mindfulness Meditation can Rewire Your Brain | Karan Bajaj
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2022.01.29 08:28 Rhygaer_III Auf / über / in Straße?

I'm a bit confused about local preposition use with something like Straße/ Fluss / See, and what the case change (Dar, Akk) with each of them implies
could someone explain please?
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2022.01.29 08:28 L4rdof Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru

Kono Requiem da
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2022.01.29 08:28 newsdk Københavns 100 brinttaxaer skal blive til over 200 i år – og 500 i 2025

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2022.01.29 08:28 Impossible-Sock5681 Schedule test

Of nothing
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2022.01.29 08:28 newsdk Mia Wagner: “Som kvinde skal man kunne sige højt: Jeg vil gerne lave penge”

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