Fact Check-Conspiracy theory video falsely claims the White House is closed forever - Reuters India

2022.01.29 07:07 zsmithworks Fact Check-Conspiracy theory video falsely claims the White House is closed forever - Reuters India

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2022.01.29 07:07 AdministrationEven36 Is it normal to get three updates a month?

I haven't had my Chromebook that long so I'd like to ask if it's normal to get three updates a month I thought you got an update every month?
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2022.01.29 07:07 Liup05 coldest pic you'll see today

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2022.01.29 07:07 NovaSMPReddit Nova SMP

We are called Nova SMP, we are a life steal server where you steal hearts from people. We are about to launch our server. Here is what we offer:

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2022.01.29 07:07 bilimbot Bu Makale GPT-3 İsimli Yapay Zeka Tarafından Yazıldı - ve Bize, Yapay Zeka'nın Yükselişi Konusunda Endişe Etmememiz Gerektiğini Söylüyor!

Bu Makale GPT-3 İsimli Yapay Zeka Tarafından Yazıldı - ve Bize, Yapay Zeka'nın Yükselişi Konusunda Endişe Etmememiz Gerektiğini Söylüyor! submitted by bilimbot to bilim [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 07:07 Feeling_Tadpole_6723 [PC] A game like what Starcraft: Ghost was promised to be.

Older gamers may remember the, ultimately canceled, spinoff of the Starcraft series called Starcraft: Ghost. It was supposed to be a sci-fi, stealth-action game, where you'd be given a vast array of methods to reach your objectives, with your main one being stealth. I'm looking for a game that's similar, both gameplay and aesthetics-wise. Here's a rundown of what features the promised game would have, had it been released:

Anything you can think of that fits this to a tee? The only ones I can think of are, to an extent, Deus Ex, and, once again, to an extent, Crysis, but I've played both of those series already, and it'd be nice to see some other ideas. Thanks in advance for your input.
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2022.01.29 07:07 Parametrichouse jewel-like façade by koffi and diabaté architectes

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2022.01.29 07:07 Crochet_guy How many other designers have joined this group?

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2022.01.29 07:07 Arasyuksel How To Remove Parts With MSC Editor?

I Modify The Car, But The Coil Springs Won't Come Out. I İnstall MSC Editor But I Don't Know How To Do İt.
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2022.01.29 07:07 mega_mango_6429 Why does this dial press in and make the snowflake glow?

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2022.01.29 07:07 AccomplishedDrive981 I'm more mentally unstable

Not eating for a day makes me aggressive and almost fearless. I'm concerned I might loose my job at the rate I started 0 tolerance for bs behavior.
Eating 3 meals a day made me more docile and quiet. God damn. At the same token I don't want to go back to the quiet old me.
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2022.01.29 07:07 ZookeepergameTrue681 The Titanic-Olympic switch theory is the worst conspiracy theory ever made, and as a Titanic enthusiast, pisses me off

I know that a lot of people here are not fully familiar with the story of the Titanic, so I will explain first the theory and secondly why it sucks and makes no logical sense. I was going to make one big rant about all the conspiracy theories, but I wanted to talk about this one first.
Part I: What is the switch theory?
In October 1911, the RMS Olympic, sister ship to the RMS Titanic, was in a collision with the HMS Hawke, and suffered minor damages that caused the ship to be placed in Belfast for repairs for several weeks. According to the theory, the White Star Line decided to get rid of the Olympic as the damage was far worse, and swapped the names of the ship around, and then sunk the Olympic while pretending it was the Titanic. The theory also states that the owner of the Titanic, JP Morgan, collected the insurance money from the sinking.
Part II: Why it is impossible

  1. The Titanic was Under insured: Both the Olympic and Titanic cost $7.5 million each to build and fit out, and they were insured for $5 million each. This means that they would have lost $2.5 million on their investment. Records also show that the Olympic only cost around $125,000 to repair from the accident, meaning that it would be cheaper just to mix up the ship. Even if the damage and the recovered revenue from a year of sailing were taking off, the disaster would run at a net loss for the owners of the Titanic.
  2. The ships were NOT identical: The theory states that it would have been easy to swap the details of the Titanic and the Olympic with just a few dozen men over the course of a weekend. However, this is impossible, as the Titanic was far different from her sister Olympic in terms of her interiors and exteriors. One key example which I will also use later is the Bridge, on the deck plans, the Titanic had a rectangle bridge, while the Olympic had a semi-circle like one. This would be impossible to change on the ship over the course of a weekend.
  3. 400 and 401: When the Titanic and Olympic were built at Belfast, they had their own yard numbers, Olympic was 400, and Titanic was 401. This was not only located on her Propeller, but also on a lot of other smaller stuff in the ship. The pieces of wreckage found on the ocean floor have the number 401, and the stuff saved from the Olympic before she was scrapped in 1935 has the number 400.
  4. The wreckage on the ocean floor: I mentioned I would come back to the Bridge, and in the investigation of the wreckage, the remains of the bridge are seen to be shaped in a rectangle like the decks plans of the Titanic, as well as other regions such as the B deck promenade.
  5. People would have seen: It would be impossible to stop people from seeing the swapping of the ships in Belfast, they were both right next to each other, so someone would have likely watched the Titanic and Olympic being swapped and said something, yet nobody ever has.
  6. How impossible it would be: Icebergs move, there would be no way for the Titanic to know exactly where the icebergs are. There is also a suggestion that the SS Californian was waiting in the waters near the Titanic to take off passengers, but it would be impossible for them to co-ordinate the ships and the icebergs together for it too work.
  7. The man who made the theory said it was wrong: Robin Gardiner, the man who started the theory, himself said that the theory was wrong and incorrect, which should have killed the theory, but it still exists.
Honestly I could go on, but the theory is impossible. It is more like a plot by a cartoon villain than a logical plan.

The fact of the matter is that the Titanic is the one at the bottom of the ocean, not the Olympic.
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2022.01.29 07:07 kkkkkk778 Why some people consider French as rude?

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2022.01.29 07:07 pizzadelreyandchill My man Michael went places that were blonde

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2022.01.29 07:07 sleep-over661 Read the latest Medium article on how we address unstructured gaps in the recruitment industry through TrustRecruit's Blockchain certified and AI matched Trusted NFT resume marketplace! 🧑🏽‍🎓👩🏿‍🎓💼💯

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2022.01.29 07:07 Kyouchan02 question about season 2

based on a few comments about season 2, i have seen some mixed reception between readers.
i just want to know one thing: is season 2 a complete restart in a way we get side char except lucas? or the old crew still remain?
coz based on what i have read its like the auhtor reset everything. reminds me of alicization arc in SAO.
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2022.01.29 07:07 adipoctall fire alarm

if u smoke in ur room after the smoke alarm rings for your whole building, would you be caught or not? asking for a friend
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2022.01.29 07:07 Premdus666999420 A mock trade I tought about watching the Chicago game...

A mock trade I tought about watching the Chicago game... Everybody is waiting for the big moves by Sakic to go all in for the cup ... I think this trade might be a bit underrated scenario but seems pretty sweet to me.
Chicago get Compher, home-town boy, two way mid6/bottom6 player who is still under a contract next year. They can flip him at the next deadline for assets or keep him to lead the rush on the third line for a hometown discount. He got majority of his points this year during the first couple of games. To be honest, in my eyes he seems rather expensive for what he provides and I can see him being replacable by the up and coming youngsters (Maltsev, Ranta, Kaut... maybe even Ollauson next year!) or by Jost for LESS money.
Kubalík is struggling on a pretty bad Chicago team BUT he scored 30 goals in the past (he got great chemistry with Toews, who missed last year and haven´t been the same after his return) and won the best scorer in the Czech league (or was among the best). He wasn´t in the calder race because he was lucky ... he is actually pretty damn skilled. He is for sure mid6/top6 player who is also responsible on the D. He can use a change of scenery and if he finds his scoring touch (so we offer the extension), he for sure will sign with a discount (around 2x3 -3,5) since a) he would love to win a cup... b) he is a good friend with Frankie ... and I am sure he wouldn´t like to miss the opportunity to lift the cup with his friend and drink some tasty Pilsner from it! :-) I think a player like Kubalík would be right on the money for us! He could swap with Bura between the third and the second line, play both wings and being that scoring threat on the second powerplay! :-)
PS: I don´t nescessarily think that we need some big trades to go all the way ... we need ressurection and mass healing scrolls... and MAYBE a servicable D at a league minimum contract + some bottom 6 depth (Kahira? ;) ... I really wanted him or Nosek during the off season). Hail ass, go Santanta
The picks are just a sprinkling on the cake since we are getting the better player from this trade ... maybe the 6th from Chicago (originaly Columbus) could be conditional if Dominik doesn´t re-sign with us.
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2022.01.29 07:07 accounthoarder Recently realized..

I absolutely hate winter. The only good part of it is the snow and getting on the mountain to ride. The shorter days and lack of sun depress me.
Yes I realize I should get a happy light
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2022.01.29 07:07 Unformed8 Everything one needs to know about Netbob

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2022.01.29 07:07 Keera_Shiro cat gets scared by towel...

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2022.01.29 07:07 Patient_Exercise5399 Chargeback review takes too long

Hi, i ve submitted a chargeback form and so far i ve been waiting 25 days to review it. Everytime i contact support in the chat, they say that i will receive an update shortly. At this point i am mostly upset with the fact that it's getting so long to receive an update for an issue i am having. I m losing trust on Revolut, what if this happens again with another issue? Do you guys have any experience on the matter?
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2022.01.29 07:07 SVWOH_L-3H_L What is your favourite lyric from the Music Of The Spheres album?

Mine has got to be “there’s a sowing up of rags, into revolution flags”
What’s yours?
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2022.01.29 07:07 Exeshka [H] Exalted Ogre Arc 2nd style + immortal weapon [W] 2 tb arc or equal

If u want it, add me because ogre listed on market
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2022.01.29 07:07 lochydjango r/steemit Subdirect Statistics

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